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The Top 11 Songs From The 80’s…You Might Be Shocked!

A magazine called Time Out has compiled a list of the top songs from the 80's The 1980's was a decade that looking back on now four decades later (hard to believe!) was full of great music and tremendous artists. Rock was still alive and Rap was just getting rolling, pop had huge stars. Top 40 radio ruled the airways with eclectic playlists that featured many genres and textures of music. You could hear a Guns N' Roses song fade into Michael Jackson hit or Whitney Houston segue into a Bon Jovi anthem It is a very tall order to rank the best of the 80's Off the top of your head you can probably list dozens of great 80's songs that are still being played everyday on Classic Hits stations (like ours) and they never tire or get old. That's why they are considered to be "Classics'. That's why it is a very daunting task to come up with the top songs, I have taken this list from Time Out magazine based on their recent article of the top 60 songs from the 1980's. The difference with this latest list is, you will probably most certainly not agree with. Here's why. What were the criteria? Time Out says "In compiling this list of the very best of the decade, there was a lot to consider: lasting impact, cultural relevance, actual musicianship, catchiness, coolness and, of course, nostalgia. But mostly, we curated with maximum enjoyment in mind while limiting the list to one song per artist. From genre-defining works of genius to ear-worm flights of fancy, these are the best songs of the ’80s. And don’t get your scrunchies in a bunch: some hair metal definitely snuck in." We present the Top 11  

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