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Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

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Happy National Compliment Day! These are the BEST Compliments You Can Give Someone!

It’s always nice to get a compliment. So why not give one on National Compliment Day?

Here’s your chance.

Listen, there’s nothing like someone saying something nice about you. And there’s nothing like making someone’s day by saying something nice to them.

And an unsolicited compliment? THE BEST.

But the kind of compliment you give makes a difference. I mean, saying “You look nice today” is OK. But making it personal?

So much better, according to the experts.

Take it from psychotherapist Lindsay Liben, LCSW, who shared her compliment acumen with

“Skin-deep compliments may sometimes feel shallow, but in the right context, they can be empowering and appreciated.” She recommends making a simple compliment resonate even more by actually connecting it to a more emotional thought, like instead of saying, “I love your dress!” adding something like, “Your sunny yellow dress is beautiful and seeing it brightened my morning!”

And here’s the thing, compliments benefit the giver and the receiver.

Liben said research shows that giving gratitude-based compliments, in particular, correlates with greater levels of optimism, satisfaction and happiness. As relationship expert and coach Rachel DeAlto puts it, “Compliments create positive energy! And like gifts, giving them can benefit the giver as well as the recipient.”

So how do you build a sincere, thoughtful compliment, that will strengthen your relationships, boost happiness and gratitude, and definitely bring a smile to someone’s face?

A few tips:

Link your compliment to something you genuinely feel. Then, think about why you appreciate that quality. Be authentic and specific, not hyperbolic, Liben told

For example?

Also, sometimes compliments are centered around one’s physical appearance, body, clothing, hair, makeup, style, according to

Which is fine.

But better?

“You might compliment a male co-worker on his new suit or a friend on the fragrance of her perfume. And while receiving these physical compliments can give you a quick ego boost, the most resounding and heartfelt compliments tend to focus on your character or the innate inner qualities you possess which make you unique.”

Here are some top compliments you can give someone on National Compliment Day. Or any day, for that matter!

  • You are nothing less than special.

    “It implies that you are adored, loved and admired. Its simply beautiful,” according to

  • You are one of a kind.

    “You are being recognized exactly for that because you possess a noticeable good quality which many others do not,” according to “Your uniqueness is being recognized and honored.”

  • You are the best friend/mother/father/wife/husband/partner anyone could ask for.

    “This compliment could be said to almost anyone as long as its spoken with sincerity. It embodies friendship, care, trust and closeness. Being the “best” in anything means you rank #1,” reported 

  • I learned how to be a good person by watching how you treat others.

    “This compliment, whether you’re giving it to a parent or close family member, is effective because it’s specific in the how and validates them as a role model,” reported

  • How you styled _____ with _____ is so fresh. You’re radiating confidence!

    “Since you likely don’t know much about a stranger, commenting on their unique fashion sense can be a sincere compliment,” according to

  • Your laugh is infectious. It made me instantly smile.

    “Of course, context matters here in that this compliment is only authentic if the stranger actually laughed aloud within earshot. Sharing that their laugh elicited joy in you might be just the thing that makes their day. “

  • When You're Not Afraid To Be Yourself Is When You're Most Incredible.

    “It helps when we all encourage each other to be our honest, authentic selves. Fear and insecurity can cloud any endeavor, and we can all benefit from affirming each other that we are enough. And when you use an adjective like “incredible,” it will definitely bring a smile to her face,” according to

  • You're such a good listener. Thanks for always being there when I need someone to talk to.

  • You’re my favorite person to spend time with.

    “Telling someone that you enjoy their company is about the simplest, sincerest compliment on earth. It’s always great to hear from someone you’re seeing that you’re their favorite person to spend time with,” according to

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