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Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

7 Beautiful Boho Chic Ideas for a Sweet 16 Party!

So about a month ago, my sister was wondering what to do for her daughter, my niece, Charlotte’s 16th birthday. And since I love throwing parties and love Charlotte, I was like: I’ll do it!

Of course, throwing a beautiful Boho-chic sweet 16 party is tricky. First, you have to get approval from the 16 year old. This is VERY important. First I asked her about color scheme. She said peach and cream. I sent her photos of balloons and banners and all of that. After a little back and forth, I had a theme, a color scheme and I was off!

Another tip? I like to take old pictures and blow them up poster size and hang them. The MOST IMPORTANT THING YOU CAN DO IS GET PICTURE APPROVAL.
A 16 year old (actually, anyone over 10) doesn’t want to walk into a party and see a poster-sized photo of themselves they DO NOT LOVE.

This will ruin the day.

So I texted Charlotte and asked her to send me a photo of herself she likes.
She did and when I hung it front and center of the party, I knew she’d be ok with it.
I didn’t get approval for the baby photos because everyone loves baby photos of themselves. Right?

Check out the photos below. I’ve also included links to where I bought the items if you’re in the market for party stuff!

  • 1. Balloon Arch

    Listen, a balloon arch is the only way to go when it comes to parties. It’s not expensive and it really sets the tone. I got this one on Etsy. And the key to a balloon arch? This little machine. It’ll give your lungs a break. Trust me.

    Balloon Arch



  • 2. Cake

    Look at this MASTERPIECE. I wish I could take credit but that kind of piping will give a girl carpal tunnel. So I went to the experts at White’s Bakery in Mansfield. (They also have a bakery in Brockton.) It’s a simple buttercream frosting and vanilla cake. And it IS BEYOND DELICIOUS.
    Buttercream and vanilla cake

  • 3. Flowers


    The devil is in the details and the details are available at Amazon. I made bouquets of fake flowers after ordering this. And the peach swags also came from

    Flower power



  • 4. Donut wall

    OK, why isn’t this trend sweeping the nation? Everyone needs to hang donuts on the wall. This is a small one, but next time, I’m going BIG.

    Donut Wall

  • 5. Individual Cups

    I put all of my apps in individual cups. Thanks COVID! I just feel like everyone feels a little better eating things that aren’t in a big bowl. Germs are gross. I got the cups at Marshalls. The toothpicks are from Aren’t they awesome?

    Cups Cups

    Fruit cups

  • 6. Tissue Flowers

    I hung these suckers from the ceiling and they’re a nice alternative to balloons. Plus they are kind of dreamy, right? You can find them here.

    Tissue Flowers

  • 7. Lights

    These twinkle lights are such a great addition to a party. They make a hallway look like a runway and at night, they add a magical touch! You can get them here. And the poster pictures are easily made (in a day!) at Walgreens! The 16 lights and the Sweet 16 banner are also from Amazon.

    Balloon Arch




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