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Would You Pay $10,000 For a Potty?

Ten Thousand Dollar Toilet? So I'm in the market for a toilet. We're updating a HIDEOUS bathroom in my house - the one we all use upstairs. Currently, there's duct-tape covering an exposed part of the shower wall. The tiles fell off. It's bad. Anyway, I went to Splash in Newton, were you can find any sink, faucet, shower, bath and commode you ever dreamed of. But when I walked around the corner: THERE IT WAS The Koehler Numi 2.0 This is the Beyoncé of toilets.  It doesn't just sit there; it's got more features than a Swiss Army knife. The seat? Heated. Your derrière will think it's on vacation in the tropics. Need to flush? A mere wave of your royal hand does the trick – no buttons, no levers, just magic. No need for scratchy toilet paper – a gentle stream of water takes care of business. And after that refreshing cleanse, why not let the toilet blow-dry your tush? It's the spa day you never knew you needed. Oh, and did I mention the ambient lighting? It's like a disco in your bathroom. Feeling fancy? The Numi 2.0 even has a foot warmer. Yep, your feet get the VIP treatment too. It's the throne of the future – where every bathroom break is an experience, and your tush lives its best life. It's also $10,000. So how did we get here? Well, there was the outhouse. Back then, a trip to the loo meant braving the elements and hoping the neighbor's cow didn't sneak a peek. Ah, the good ol' days. Fast forward to the 18th century, and we've got the dawn of the flushing toilet, thanks to the genius mind of Alexander Cummings. Suddenly, you could wave goodbye to those embarrassing chamber pots and say hello to a more civilized bathroom experience. A true game-changer. Hold your horses; the real revolution was yet to come. Enter Sir Thomas Crapper in the 19th century. No, that's not a joke – the man's actual last name was Crapper. He's the unsung hero who popularized the flushing toilet and made bathroom breaks a little less, well, crappy. Through the decades, past disco balls and shoulder pads, straight into the 21st century. Now we're at the 10,000-dollar wonder – the touchless toilet. But what about the $400 basic toilet – the unsung hero of bathrooms? Sure, you have to summon the courage to flush it yourself, but hey, it gets the job done without burning a hole in your pocket. No fancy foot warmer or disco lights, but it's reliable, straightforward, and won't make you question your life choices every time you look at your bank statement. That's the one I'll get. Because flushing money down the toilet isn't part of the new bathroom plan.

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