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9 Awesome Things from the ’80s and ’90s That Gen Z Is Totally Missing Out On

Every generation has nostalgia that the newer generations are totally missing out on . . . like how Boomers would walk 10 miles to school, in two feet of snow, barefoot, uphill both ways.

There’s a thread on social media where Millennials and Gen X are talking about the things from THEIR childhood that Gen Z never got to experience.

Ah, the ’80s and ’90s!

A golden era of awesome things that Gen Z is totally missing out on.

First up, let’s talk about music.

Remember mixtapes? They were like musical love letters, painstakingly crafted with care. Gen Z, you’re missing out on the joy of exchanging tapes, carefully selecting songs to convey your feelings. Nowadays, it’s all about digital playlists.

Where’s the fun in that?

Next, let’s talk about fashion.

The ’80s gave us big hair, neon colors, and shoulder pads that could double as aircraft wings. And the ’90s? Grunge fashion, baby! Flannel shirts, ripped jeans, and oversized everything. Gen Z, you’re missing out on the opportunity to raid your parents’ closets and discover these iconic styles.

Oh, and let’s not forget the simpler pleasures.

Back in the day, we didn’t have smartphones glued to our hands. We had outdoor adventures, building forts, and playing tag until the sun went down. Gen Z, put down those screens and experience the thrill of childhood freedom!

Video games? Oh, boy! Gen Z, you’re totally missing out on the pixelated wonders of the ’80s and ’90s. From Mario Kart to Sonic the Hedgehog, those games were the bomb! No fancy graphics, just pure fun. And blowing into cartridges? A magical ritual for reviving your beloved games.

Lastly, the lack of ’80s and ’90s sitcoms in your life is truly tragic, Gen Z.

We had classics like “Friends,” “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and “Seinfeld.” The witty banter, the hilarious situations – they shaped our sense of humor. Your memes just don’t compare!

So, Gen Z, while you may have your own amazing things, take a moment to appreciate what you’re missing.

The music, the fashion, the simple joys, the retro games, and the timeless sitcoms. Embrace the spirit of the ’80s and ’90s, and you’ll discover a whole new world of awesome.

9 Awesome Things from the ’80s and ’90s That Gen Z Is Totally Missing Out On

  • 1. "Not having all your screw-ups forever uploaded to the internet."

    Well, we sold our soul to the internet, so every dumb thing this current generation does is forever available on tik-tok. Not the olds! We did things WITHOUT A TRACE! It was amazing. Protect your privacy people!

  • 2. "Musical involvement. Spotify has made everything so available that it's destroyed a sense of connection. When you were only buying a few CDs every year, you got to know those albums inside and out."

    There was nothing – NOTHING – like reading the liner notes on an album or a cassette. You learned so much! And you listened to the deep cuts. Which, frankly, were sometimes better than the hits.

  • 3. "Checking the 'TV Guide' and getting excited about a show or movie that'd be on later in the week. Having everything on-demand ruins that."

    Not only was the TV guide the most coveted magazine in the house, it was marked up every week. Usually by your grandmother. We didn’t mind.

  • 4. "The excitement of getting back developed film."

    This was THE ULTIMATE WAIT AND BE REWARDED. Or completely disappointed. Plus, film was expensive, so you really had to want to take the photo. Which is why there are like 10 pics of GenXers from high school and college.

  • 5. "Parents not having HD security cameras."

    Let’s just say most of us would be either in jail or cut out of the will if our parents had security cameras. And we’d have ZERO awesome stories from our youth. I feel bad for this monitored generation.

  • 6. "Browsing the video rental store."

    My KINGDOM for a Blockbuster. Or just the local video rental place. You’d spend a good hour going through the choices. It was a Friday and Saturday night ritual. And even better, you’d run into your crush there and find out what he liked to watch.

  • 7. "Real, actual boredom. You were forced to be creative . . . learning instruments, drawing and painting, and writing terrible teenage poetry."

    Remember coloring? Or writing poems in your diary. We created things back in the day. Yes, they were cringey, bad things that make you want to die of embarrassment, but they were yours. Also, playing an instrument? Who even does that anymore?

  • 8. "Not being connected to everyone on social media . . . for better AND worse. And being able to disconnect in general."

    Social media can be fun. For a hot minute. Then it’s FOMO. It was amazing not knowing you weren’t invited to the pool party or the birthday soiree. You just found out later AND there were no pictures to make you feel worse!

  • 9. "Parents that let their kids run free."

    It was amazing. You left your house without being tracked. You showed up later for dinner. No one checked in. No one cared! It was bliss!

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