Yelp has released its list of the “Top 100 Places to Eat” in America and there is a hidden gem on the list, right here in Massachusetts. In fact, it’s right here in Waltham! It’s called Taqueria El Amigo and I just so happened to discover it during one of my daily walks. From the outside, it’s a very modest building and very small. You would never know that through its doors is a Mexican restaurant that people drive miles to eat at. I tried it for the first time in March when I ordered 4 chicken tacos. The tacos are made with the most delicious soft corn tortillas and the chicken is shredded with the most delicious seasoning. Once I ate these tacos from heaven, I knew I needed to go back. It was only then that I noticed the prestigious ranking on Yelp’s Top 100 list. Because of this, I noticed that this mostly takeout restaurant had lines out the door on any given day of the week. Tuesday at 2pm, there’s a line. Monday at 10:30am, there’s a line. The secret is now out and Taqueria El Amigo is a (no longer) hidden gem right here in Waltham.

On Saturday (April 29) I went with a group of friends and grabbed one of the 5 tables available restaurant. Most tables only seat 2 people but this table sat 4. My friends Jamie, Nancy Jo, friend Armani (Forking With Armani on IG) and his husband Nic arrived around 12:30pm and were thrilled to find a table was available. We ordered several of their most popular dishes and our entire meal was to die for. Armani actually travels from restaurant to restaurant giving us his reviews and takes us inside with his moving photos and videos. He captured our lunch in such a memorable way and I wanted to share with you our experience.

  • Taqueria El Amigo is located on 196 Willow Street Waltham

    From the outside, you’d never know that inside its doors lies some of the best Mexican food you’ll ever eat in your life.
    Omar Timoteo, one of the owners of Taqueria El Amigo

  • Inside, it's extremely small but decorative

    There are only 5 to 6 tables with 3 seats on the side so people can sit and wait for their take out.
    Taqueria el Amigo

    Taqueria el Amigo

  • The menu

    As you can see, the food is plentiful and very affordable



  • They absolutely have a kids menu

    There’s something for the kiddos including mini tacos, quesadillas and burritos

    ng Kids' menu

  • They even have breakfast!

    Breakfast options include eggs with green sauce and tortillas, breakfast burritos and Mexican sausage


  • Armani ordered one of each type of taco

    Armani ordered the chicken, beef, tongue, pork, pork and chili, cheek and Mexican sausage tacos. One of each on the menu. They come with corn tortillas, avocado, lime, cilantro and hot sauce and sour cream on the side if you ask for it.

  • Nic ordered the chicken enchiladas

    Topped with lettuce, salsa, avodaco, you get three enchiladas served with beans and rice with your choice of sauce.


  • Melissa and Jamie ordered the chicken tacos

    These tacos are AMAZING! I don’t even know what they season them with but OMG they are spectacular. I order sour cream on the side and they also bring you hot sauce. Avocado comes with it.


  • Melissa also ordered the carne asada

    The carne asada came with big pieces of steak sauteed and served with salad, rice and beans.

    Carne Asada

  • The chips and salsa and guacamole

    AMAZING fresh guacamole is offered at a small extra fee. Chips and salsa if ordered inside the restaurant is only $1.50. The chips come out warm and delicious.

    Chips and salsa

  • Armani ordered Tamarindo

    They have sodas, Mexican sodas, Tamarindo which is a sweet sour fruit that grows in pods and made into a delicious drink on this occasion. It was very tasty.


  • Yes, they have mouth watering desserts

    Armani was obsessed with the tres leches cake! It was described as a “three milk cake” and so soft and mouth watering. It literally melted in your mouth.

    Tres leches

  • Melissa and Armani

    It’s always nice going to eat with a food blogger. Check out Armani’s IG page for more suggestions of must have places to eat in and around Boston.

    Melissa and Armani

  • The owner Omar Timoteo and us! He and his brothers have owned this restaurant for years

    We met Omar who was very gracious and hospitable. He explained that he and his brothers Julio, Jhonathan and Carlos Daniel have owned it for years and yes they are looking to expand very soon. HOWEVER, they understand expansion can sometimes be bad so they will NOT stop specializing in take out and won’t be getting TOO big.

    Omar Timoteo, one of the owners of Taqueria El Amigo

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