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Check Out How Ripped This Original Ghostbusters Star Looks At 78

How in the world is Ernie Hudson 78 years old? He is absolutely ripped and looks more like someone in their early 50's. As one of the stars of the original Ghostbusters movie from 1984 when he was a very youthful looking 39. We knew he was in good shape then, but we had no idea how much he continued to be until he was at the premier of the latest edition of the franchise called Ghostbusters, "Frozen Empire." Ernie says he is shocked by the attention and says he has always "taken care of himself". Perhaps that's why he has managed to stay in such great shape. People that start a workout regimen early in life tend to continue it for a lifetime. Mr. Hudson was most recently profiled in People Magazine, where he addressed all the internet buzz he has received regarding how great he looks. Hudson told People that he was both flattered and shocked over the attention he received. “It’s nice to be noticed. It’s been a little bit of a surprise in the last couple of days,” he told the outlet on Saturday. “I’ve always been in what I consider fairly good shape, but normally, when I do those press conferences, I’m usually in a suit or a sport coat.” The father of four and a two-time cancer survivor said that while he’s not a gym rat, he’s always strived to be healthy. Hudson credits his wife of 40 years, Linda Kingsberg, for helping him stay active by having a shared goal of walking 10,000 steps a day too. “I’ve always looked at physicality more from a spiritual perspective than a physical,” he added. “The spiritual thing dictates the physical more than the other way around. So when I’m in a good space, I’m aware of just how I’m living my life, the other things fall in place.” I don't know about you, but I will definitely be hitting the gym today. Check out how ripped this original Ghostbusters star looks today   [caption id="attachment_696950" align="alignnone" width="681"] LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 21: Ernie Hudson attends the photocall for "Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire" at Claridge's Hotel on March 21, 2024 in London, England. (Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images)[/caption]

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