19 Mariah Carey Songs That Went #1

Mariah Carey is an absolute icon, with a career that spans decades. Aside from being the "Queen of Christmas," she has also been referred to as the Queen of the 90s, and honestly, she is still our queen. Mariah has crossed over into multiple music genres including R&B, Hip Hop, Pop, and even Gospel. Her vocal range spans five octaves and includes her insane whistle register- the high notes you hear in her music that make her so iconic. According to Billboard.com, Mariah Carey is the artist with the 2nd most amount of number-one hits of all time with 19 number-ones. The Beatles surpassed her just by one song! Come on girl, there is still time to beat this record! Aside from being an incredibly talented vocalist and performer, Mariah Carey is known as one of the best singer-songwriters of all time. According to songhall.org, the singer has written or co-written 18 of her 19 number-one songs and is a wildly versatile songwriter. She has the ability to write ballads like "Hero" and "We Belong Together" as well as upbeat and catchy bops such as "Dreamlover" & "Emotions." Her pop collaborations with Hip-Hop artists are said to have helped create a new era of music, and yes we are talking about songs like "Fantasy" with ODB, and "Honey" with Puff Daddy. Of course, we cannot forget that Mariah Carey wrote the most successful Christmas song of all time "All I Want For Christmas Is You," which has become a staple of the holiday season.

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