ICYMI Ben Affleck’s Dunkin’ commercial (with Jennifer Lopez) aired on Super Bowl Sunday. He recently shot the ads in Medford. The commercial was a hit with viewers. But, apparently not so much with customers the day of shooting. According to CBS Boston, Ben told the Wall Street Journal there was not such positive reviews of his “inept” service. And you can bet those honest responses will be used in future commercials for the coffee giant. There is already another commercial on YouTube where the celeb tells customers, “there’s NO coffee.” You can imagine that went over well with Bostonians.

Enjoy this while you are sippin on a regulah and biting into a Munchkin.



2023 Super Bowl: 10 Best Commercials from Funny to Heartwarming

  • Amazon

    This Amazon ad about a loved, but lonely family dog certainly tugged at the heartstrings. The ad is titled “Saving Sawyer,” which is also the name of the dog that stars in this ad. Per Amazon, Sawyer used to be a stray dog. He landed in a shelter and was rescued by his owner five years ago,  And now he’s the star of a major Super Bowl ad! What a story!

  • Bud Light

    This Bud Light ad starring Miles Teller was super cute and has probably given plenty of people a few ideas on how to pass the time while on hold.

  • Busch

    This ad for Busch Beer featured a surprise cameo from Sarah McLachlan spoofing her gutwrenching ASPCA ads. Even though McLachlan’s work on behalf of animals is incredibly noble, you have to give her credit for having a sense of humor.

  • Disney

    With Disney celebrating its 100th anniversary, the company bought a 90-second spot honoring its rich legacy of storytelling that has been passed through the generations. We’re positive everyone watching the Super Bowl has fond memories of many of the film’s highlighted in the ad.

  • Dunkin'

    We all know Ben Affleck loves Dunkin’, but working the drive-thru is fandom on a whole other level. Of course, wife Jennifer Lopez doesn’t seem too happy about her husband’s side-hustle. However, that’s not stopping Jenny from wanting a glazed donut.

  • The Farmer's Dog

    Yet another beautiful Super Bowl ad starring a dog! This time around, pet food subscription brand The Farmer’s Dog showed the beautiful story of a woman and her dog. We see the two as a child and a puppy all the way through to the woman becoming a mother. It’s okay if some dust got in your eyes while watching this one.

  • Rakuten

    Shopping app Rakuten hit us right in the nostalgia with their 60-second spot starring Alicia Silverstone and Elisa Donovan reprising their roles of Cher and Amber from the classic teen comedy Clueless. If you didn’t love this ad, we have just one word for you: Whatever!

  • T-Mobile (Bradley Cooper and His Mom)

    Sure, there was likely some sort of script for this T-Mobile ad, but it just feels like Bradley Cooper and his mom, Gloria, were allowed to riff and adlib. They looked like they were having the most fun together, which was really sweet.

  • T-Mobile (New year. New neighbor.)

    T-Mobile had two outstanding ads during the Super Bowl! The second one that aired starred John Travolta, Zach Braff and Donald Faison singing about T-Mobile’s Home Internet service to the tune of “Summer Nights” from Grease. (Side note: Travolta is 68 and still looks incredible!)

  • Workday

    Some of the biggest rock stars in the world have had it with the corporate world using the term “rock star,” and they are putting their collective foot down. Seriously, who really wants to upset the likes of Paul Stanley, Ozzy Osbourne, Joan Jett, Gary Clark Jr. and Billy Idol? We certainly don’t!


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