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Julie Devereaux

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Oh hell no.

I fully understand what we eat is somewhat dependent on our culture and/or where we grew up.

For instance, if we grew up in the outback as part of the Aboriginal culture, we might be digging grubs out of the ground for lunch.

That said, I like to “try new things” from time to time. I recently bought “Golden Berries, AKA Cape Gooseberries” because I wanted to know what they tasted like (delicious! sort of like an apple?).

But this? No. Not for one million dollars and eternal youth.

VIDEO: ABC11 tastes Bull City Burger's 'tarantula burger'

Ever think ... "Man, I wish I could eat a tarantula burger right now?" If you answered yes then now's your chance, thanks to Bull City Burger Brewery's latest burger.

Addition to post from Jamie Martel, Marketing Director:

Reminds me of this… I agree hell no!

Home Alone ::: Marv ::: Spider Scream

Hilarious scream By Marv in Home Alone (1990) when Kevin drops a tarantula on his face.