Julie Devereaux

Former Aerosmith Photographer’s Story Of Hurricane Ian Survival

There are many, many stories of hurricane Ian survival but this one in particular caught my attention. This guy is the former band photographer for Aerosmith. He's the godfather to one of Steven Tyler's children. He's Aerosmith family. And he has cancer. The radiation treatment he was supposed to start was cancelled because of the impending hurricane in Florida last week. And then the hurricane hit. I cannot even imagine. When you're diagnosed with cancer, time is of the essence. The sooner you can start treatment, the sooner your body and the prescribed treatment can coordinate to get you back to health. The good news is there are so many more people surviving the diagnosis than ever. The bad news, photographer Christopher Smith and his wife Renee had to ride out one of the strongest hurricane's to ever hit the United States.¬† The other bad news, Christopher was immobile. He was in a wheel chair. How frightening it must have been for both of them to be in their home listening to the wind, the rain, the rushing water, the falling trees and electrical poles, roofs being ripped off...for hours. They survived the storm and I'm sincerely hoping Christopher Smith also survives the storm ahead of him with his health. It can be done. I'm sure he didn't survive that hurricane for nothing.   https://www.tampabay.com/hurricane/2022/10/01/aerosmiths-ex-photographer-was-ready-die-ian-now-hes-happy-be-alive/ Your donation to Hurricane Ian relief¬† via the Red Cross will benefit many people like the Smiths who've been affected by the storm. https://wror.com/2022/09/28/how-to-help-those-impacted-by-hurricane-ian/

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