Rack of pork ribs in Bali flame-grilled to perfection

Whoopsie. Who left the barbeque grill unattended?

Never, ever, ever leave a fire of any kind unattended. Who does this? Who goes into a football game and leaves their still smoldering grill in the parking lot? Next to vehicles filled with gasoline?

Luckily, it was just a few cars that melted.

Imagine you’re a football fan, the game’s over, you’re strolling out to your car, trying to remember where you parked. You come upon twisted, melted metal where you think you left your vehicle but you don’t recognize that pile of rubble that’s sitting there. Smoking. And you think, “How warm is it here in Miami?  I mean, it’s warm but not car melting warm.”. (Not yet anyway.)

I get it. Tailgating is an absolute blast. And who among us carnivores doesn’t enjoy a grilled burger, a hot dog off the grill or a nice piece of medium rare rib eye coupled with potato salad and a beverage of your choice before going in to a ball game or a concert.

But damn. Just make sure the grill fire is out before you take off. That’s grill safety 101, whether you’re grilling in a parking lot or at home with all your grilling accoutrements.

And I wonder if whoever was manning that particular grill and left it there, unattended, admitted to it after coming back and seeing the carnage. Because I’m gonna guess there were more than a few people who wanted a word with that person…and their insurance company. (Would insurance even cover that?)

I would hate to see the grill police step in shut down one of the most fun things about going to a game or an outdoor concert because someone’s unattended grill started a bunch of cars on fire.



A fire broke out at the Dolphins-Patriots as a result of an unattended grill.

A fire broke out at the #Dolphins-#Patriots as a result of an unattended grill.Luckily, no one was hurt or injured. 🙏 (🎥 @LakersCanes305)

Posted by CBS Sports on Sunday, September 11, 2022