12th April 1966: A little girl wears a pretty bib in order to eat a bowl of cereal without spillage. (Photo by Chaloner Woods/Getty Images)

How do you feel about adding water to breakfast cereal? What if it’s a cereal with powdered milk on the bottom specifically designed for adding water?

My family didn’t have a lot of money when I was growing up. We received state aid long before food stamps and EBT cards were available. My mom got a monthly stipend of peanut butter, cheese and powdered milk. The peanut butter was pretty good, the cheese was fine, but I wasn’t having that powdered milk. She unsuccessfully tried to fool me many times. To this day I hate running out of milk. If I had to drink powdered milk, I’d probably forgo milk altogether.

I think the fact that we drink cow’s milk is odd to begin with. Cow’s milk is for calves not humans but here we are. I’m pretty sure I do it out of habit. I like milk with cookies, brownies, cake and oddly, I enjoy a little milk when I’m having a banana. I know, weird.

I love chocolate milk and I like my hot cocoa made with milk. It’s awesome in milk shakes although I do substitute a variety of other “milks” when I  make smoothies. Like almond milk, macadamia, hazelnut and coconut milk. But for a good old fashioned milkshake or frappe, as it’s called in New England, it’s gotta be milk. And on the rare occasion I do have a bowl of cereal? Milk. Real, grass-fed, whole milk.

I suppose if it were an emergency situation and I had no choice and there was nothing else to eat and I was really hungry, I’d eat the cereal with the powdered milk on the bottom mixed with water.

But, what do I know. This will probably be a huge seller and start a whole new food trend: Want a meal? Just add water.



Want a Bowl of Cereal and Milk? Just Add Water

It's an age old conundrum: You wake up and lazily pour yourself a bowl of cereal. You plod over to the fridge, and then you realize: You're out of milk. You definitely aren't going to the store; the inability to do anything productive is why you're eating cereal to begin with.