(Photo by Ronda Churchill/Getty Images)

If I wanted at hot dog flavored popsicle, I’d take a hotdog out of my freezer and put a stick in it.

Are you kidding me Oscar Mayer? A hot dog flavored popsicle?

On their Instagram they ask: “stupid? or genius?”.

I can answer that. Stupid.

I get that a hotdog and bologna are basically the same thing in a different shape; one, you generally eat hot, the other you generally eat cold. Neither are eaten frozen.

Is this is what happens when cannabis is legalized? Or when you wake up with a massive hangover and that’s all you have in the fridge? A frozen hotdog on a stick is not like: “Hey you got peanut butter in my chocolate!”.

Corndog on a stick? Good idea. Hotdog flavored popsicle on a stick? Bad idea.

What’s next? Steak tip flavored popsicles? Lobster and butter flavored popsicles? Pepperoni pizza flavored popsicles?

How about just a plain old popsicle? Frozen fruit flavor on a stick. Personally, I like orange popsicles but cherry seems to be most people’s favorite.

While we’re at it, I’m still wondering what happened to root beer popsicles and apparently I’m not the only one.

That would be quite a pairing: a hotdog flavored popsicle and a root beer flavored popsicle. Add a potato salad flavored popsicle and you practically have a picnic!

It does surprise me to know the popsicle was “invented” in San Francisco by an 11 year old kid. He accidentally left a mix of sugary soda powder with water out overnight and it froze. Voila! Popsicle! (And who knew it got cold enough to freeze something in San Francisco?) ­čśë┬á Popsicle was originally called┬á “Epsicle”, a combination of the kid’s last name, “Epperson”, and the word “icicle”.

(Read the whole story HERE.)

Interestingly, the first name of that boy who invented the popsicle all those years ago, was Frank. So maybe┬á if Oscar Mayer’s new frozen hot dog flavored confection takes off, they can call it a “Franksicle”.

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