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Bill Burr

Canton native and comedian Bill Burr is making the rounds in Boston this week. He’s gearing up for his historical Fenway Park standup performance this Sunday night.

In the meantime:

Bill Burr is spending his days chowing down on Charles Street:

Fun fact:

Bill Burr graduation in 1987 from Canton High School and word is there will be LOTS of Class of ’87 members in the audience celebrating their 35th reunion.

Also: Bill Burr does NOT like saying he’s from Canton:

“I always say I’m from Boston because if I say I’m from Canton, people go, ‘Ohio?’ and then I got to go, ‘No Massachusetts,’” Burr told Jimmy Fallon back in 2015. “Just that little extra thing slowly kills me, that I have to have that back and forth. So I just say I’m from Boston. I’m a loner man. I don’t like people.”

Here he is talking to Jimmy Kimmel about performing at Fenway.

In the meantime, have you seen Burr’s recent Netflix special? He talks about taking mushrooms for the first time, gives “advice” to women and why they are responsible for the dismal salaries for women in sports, abortion, fatherhood, quitting drinking and being a dad.

It’s his best work yet.

“His temper has cooled and he’s aiming to be reasonable and open-minded, while aware that some of his audience don’t want to go there with him. He’s transcended something that others can’t,” wrote John Doyle from the Globe and Mail.

“Burr might tick some of you off, but in the end, he makes everyone realize he’s in on the joke. If only more of his peers could have his self-awareness,” added Sean L. McCarthy from Decider.

In case you missed it:

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