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This 1 Résumé Hack Is Genius and Mandatory in 2024

Finding a job can be tough. Like BRUTAL. You apply to so many places, and it feels like you're shouting into the void. Cami Petyn knows this feeling too well. She applied to a whopping 65 jobs and didn't hear a peep back. Not a single interview. That's enough to make you rip up your résumé in seconds. But Cami didn't give up. She didn't let the job search beat her down. Instead, she found a sneaky little trick to bypass those pesky tech systems that were filtering out her applications. It's the "dystopian" résumé hack. I've never heard of it. And neither had Cami until a friend spilled the beans. Turns out, a lot of companies use AI to sift through job applications. And sometimes, that AI can be a bit too picky, rejecting resumes just because they don't fit its formatting. So, what's résumé the hack? It's simple, really. Just copy and paste the entire job description onto your résumé, make the font tiny, and turn the text white. Sneaky, right? The AI can't see it, but it's there, hidden in plain sight. And guess what? It works. Cami started getting more interviews, more callbacks. Sure, it means extra work, tweaking your résumé for each job. But hey, it's better than panicking about not having a job, right? “Did I girl boss too close to the sun and now not only have one, not two, but three part-time jobs? I did,” Cami Petyn told her 542,700 TikTok followers. And Cami's not the only one who's had success with this trick. People are sharing their stories, saying it's made all the difference. One person applied to over a thousand jobs in a year and only heard back from four. But after trying the hack, they got a response the very next day. That's the power of thinking outside the box. So, if you're struggling to find a job, maybe it's time to get a little creative with your résumé. Forget the fancy formatting, the fancy fonts. Keep it simple, make it AI-friendly. Who knows? You might just land that dream job sooner than you think.

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