WATCH: The first trailer for the new Patriots dynasty docuseries is here

With the New England Patriots sitting at 2-8, many fans of the team are left thinking about 'the good old days.' Good news for those fans - there will be a new way to relive those glory days soon. On Friday morning, Apple TV+ released the trailer for its upcoming docuseries, The Dynasty: New England Patriots. Set to be a 10-part series, it will premier on Apple TV's premium streaming service on February 16 - five days after Super Bowl LVIII. READ MORE: --Wednesday's Patriots practice offered a look at who the starting quarterback currently is --Bye week Patriots Mailbag --Patriots midseason report cards: Offense | Defense & Special Teams While this is hardly the first documentary about the Patriots' remarkable two-decade run, it is notable in that - based on the trailer - it will include interviews with both Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. It's also includes team owner Robert Kraft, who had the lone line from someone within the organization teased in the 38-second trailer. "We were coming near the end, and I was just trying to hold it together the best that I could," Kraft says. According to a release from Apple TV when the series was ordered in February 2022, "The 10-part docuseries is based on the critically-acclaimed New York Times bestselling book by author Jeff Benedict. With unprecedented access to the New England Patriots, Benedict spent two years inside the organization, and chronicled the rise and historic 20-year run of the Patriots during the Brady-Belichick-Kraft era." "The documentary series, directed by Emmy-nominated filmmaker Matthew Hamachek (“Tiger"), will go deeper, drawing on thousands of hours of never-before-seen video footage and audio files from the Patriots organization’s archive," the release adds. "The filmmakers have also been given access to the organization during the 2021 season and are conducting hundreds of interviews with past and present Patriots players, coaches and executives, along with league officials and the arch rivals of the most dominant sports dynasty of the 21st century." For those who need a look at the dynasty era before February 16, here's a list of the best 23 games of Tom Brady's 23-year career from myself, Matt McCarthy, and Tim McKone... [select-listicle listicle_id="221117" syndication_name="the-brady-23-recounting-the-23-best-games-of-tom-bradys-career" description="no"]

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