Dirty Laundry

Young cast members of the television series, 'The Brady Bunch' pose with a cake celebrating the show's 100th episode, circa 1973. (L-R): Maureen McCormick, Susan Olsen, Christopher Knight, Eve Plumb, Barry Williams and Mike Lookinland (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Bobby Brady turns 60!

Jeff Bezos is a cheap monster and his ex is such a better person:

MacKenzie Scott Has Donated More Than $4 Billion In Last 4 Months

MacKenzie Scott, the author and philanthropist, says she has given away more than $4 billion in the last four months. "This pandemic has been a wrecking ball in the lives of Americans already struggling," Scott wrote in a post on Medium announcing the donations.

Tom Cruise is yelling and dating:

Old Yeller Tom Cruise Is Dating His Mission Impossible: 7 Co-star Hayley Atwell

Wow, would you look at that timing? Days after Tom Cruise went viral for going ballistic at the crew of Mission Impossible: 7 for breaking COVID-19 protocols allegedly resulting in 5 crew members quitting the film, the Daily Mail reports that Tom Cruise has begun dating his co-star, Criminal's Hayley Atwell.