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Latest Historical American Girl Dolls from 1999 Scream You’re Old Now!

Latest Historical American Girl Dolls from 1999 Scream You're Old Now! It's a doll Cher from "Clueless" would be proud of. And we're celebrating like it's 1999! Or are we? I mean, when American Girl decides your decade is "historical", you really should have started Botox a decade ago. So you're old. But that's OK. These twins are a fun trip down memory lane. So who are Isabel and Nicki Hoffman? Well, they're from Seattle, it's 1999 and they're "bringing the dial-up decade to life for fans." Dial-up Decade? We're in! The girls' backstory features the tech boom and the Internet, plus a nod to the music, fashion trends, and television entertainment of the decade. Very Mary-Kate and Ashley. Isabel is bubbly, extroverted, and loves dancing to pop music and preppy. Nicki is introverted, and happiest while skateboarding, writing lyrics, and listening to the Seattle's alt-rock sound. "As Isabel and Nicki discover who they are as individuals, they realize they share the same girl-power goal: to be true to themselves and learn to face their fears with confidence." To get the backstories right, American Girl collaborated with a board of experts to ensure authenticity. Historical American Girl Dolls from 1999 Scream You're Old Now! And the twins’ story comes to life in a ’90s-inspired product collection that reflects the era and the girls’ unique styles and interests. Isabel doll comes dressed in a purple sweater with attached pinstripe shirt, a multicolored plaid skirt, and pink platform shoes. Isabel’s accessories include a beret, pink sunglasses, beaded flower necklace, and transparent mini backpack. Nicki arrives in a gray T-shirt under a navy T-shirt dress, a purple plaid flannel shirt, and platform sneakers. Her skater-style accessories include a baseball hat, black sunglasses, ribbon necklace, and messenger bag. Each twin also has her own bedroom set with nods to vintage American Girl accessories, including a doll-sized plush of the popular Miss AG Bear from the ’90s; a mini version of American Girl magazine from 1999. The twins’ world also includes the following ’90s-inspired items: a premium wooden desk and desktop computer that illuminates and plays dial-up effects and comes with pretend CD and floppy disk drive an era-authentic Pizza Hut Set, complete with a doll-sized personal pan pizza a 2-in-1 Tennis Court & Skate Spot, where fans can arrange a tennis match for Isabel on one side—with net, racket, and tennis-ball launcher that really works—or flip it over and practice their skater moves, just like Nicki, using ramps, rails, and a skateboard To recognize women in technology, the twins’ mom is helping to fix the Y2K bug. Isabel and Nicki’s product collection is available beginning February 22, 2023, at and at all American Girl retail locations nationwide!

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