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Get Paid Big Bucks to Watch 12 Hallmark Christmas Movies in 12 Days!

Hallmark Christmas Movie Money? Yup. Get paid to watch them. Some people do it for free. (Like, a lot of people do it for free.) But one company is upping the Hallmark Christmas cheesiness by offering a lot of cheese to watch the movies., a floral subscription box company is seeking a "special Christmas movie maven" to get paid $2,000 to watch and rank 12 Hallmark holiday movies. The chosen candidate will also receive "an ample supply of Ghirardelli hot cocoa" and two pairs of fuzzy socks to guarantee a cozy watching experience. Hallmark Christmas Movie Money? That works! Here's the thing: Hallmark Christmas movies are the cheesiest yet best way to get into the spirit. It's like wearing a Christmas Comfy and sitting by the fire. Every plot is a cozy hug: Small-town charm, a big city skeptic, and a sprinkle of Christmas magic. And Take the classic Hallmark Christmas Movies plot twists: A workaholic big-shot is magically transported to a quaint town for the holidays. There, they discover the true meaning of Christmas and, of course, find love in the most unexpected place. It's like clockwork, but we eat it up like stollen on Christmas morning. (I've been watching a lot of the Great British Baking Show's holiday lineup. Sue me.) Anyway, then there's the "Switched at Christmas" saga, where mistaken identities lead to a festive fiasco. Cue the laughter and heartwarming moments as two strangers navigate each other's lives and, you guessed it, fall in love by the final credits. Why do we willingly subject ourselves to such cheesy schlock? Maybe it's the escapism, the joy of predictable happy endings, or the guilty pleasure of knowing exactly what's going to happen. It's a comforting concoction that warms our hearts faster than a hot toddy. This holiday season not only can you embrace the cheesiness, you can get a lot of money for it! So what are the details for Hallmark Christmas Movie Money? The winner ranks each movie by criteria including festivity factor, predictability quotient, chemistry check, tear-jerker test and replay value. The movies chosen for the experiment are: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (2008), Crown for Christmas (2015), The Nine Lives of Christmas (2014), Christmas Getaway (2017), Journey Back to Christmas (2016), Ghosts of Christmas Always (2022), Family for Christmas (2015), Christmas Under Wraps (2014), Three Wise Men and a Baby (2022), A Royal Christmas (2014), Northpole (2014) and The Christmas Train (2017). In addition to the $2,000 payment, the chosen candidate will also receive a 12-month flower box subscription. Applications are open through Dec. 3.

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