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ABC Has Announced Their First Golden Bachelorette

If you were a fan of the Golden Bachelor than you are going to be excited about the news coming from ABC tv. They have announced who the Golden Bachelorette will be and we couldn't be happier. In the first season watching Bachelor Gerry navigate over 2 dozen women and finally choosing his soul mate, Theresa ultimately only to have the marriage dissolved just 3 months later due to the fact that neither wanted to move. For fans of the Bachelor/Bachelorette series this will not dampen their spirit or belief in true love conquering all. So what if you were 100 percent invested in Gerry and Theresa? That doesn't mean someone else can't find everlasting love does it? We hope not because what is the reason of watching these shows if you can't let yourself believe that fairy tales come true. Meet the first Golden Bachelorette Joan Vassos, a 61-year-old grandmother and school administrator from Rockland, Maryland, has been announced as the Golden Bachelorette for ABC. She made a surprise appearance at Disney’s upfront presentation to reveal her new role. Vassos will follow in the footsteps of Gerry Turner as the lead in the Golden franchise, marking the network’s first Golden Bachelorette star. The spinoff series will air in the fall on Wednesdays and will feature a different casting process. While the Golden Bachelor became a hit for ABC, Turner's marriage to winner Theresa Nist was short-lived, leading to their divorce three months after their televised wedding, which they attributed to long-distance challenges and dedication to their families. (Hollywood Reporter) If you recall that poor Joan had to leave the show because her daughter had just given birth and pretty much insisted that mom fly home to Baltimore to help her with the newborn. The pressure to leave the show was very strong from her daughter and she opted to bail out, however she made such a great impression on viewers and producers who felt she wasn't really given a proper chance to compete for Gerry's love. Who knows, perhaps she avoided the proverbial bullet to the heart with him and is destined to find an everlasting love with some lucky Golden Bachelor contestant. We just hope that her daughter is not expecting another child during the taping of the show.

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