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SNL’s top 5 all time skits according to viewers

It’s hard to believe that Saturday Night Live has been on television since the fall of 1975. With an original cast of Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, Jane Newman, Gilda Radner, Laraine Newman and Garrett Morris. That was one heck of a line up! They did so many memorable skits in their first year that we can still recall them today.  There was Belushi’s Samurai, who would find himself in different jobs always with his long sword and the threat of him committing “hari-kari”.  There were the Blues Brothers and Land Sharks and Chevy Chase falling down over and over again as President Ford.

And that was just the first couple of  years!

There were a few rough years after the original cast all  went their separate ways to either success in the movies or television and Broadway. It wasn’t until Eddie Murphy joined the cast in 1980 at the age of 19 did the show find it’s footing. Eddie had so many memorable characters in such a short period of time. There was his incredible impression of James Brown, his hilarious take on Gumby and of course Mr. Rodgers neighborhood, Murphy style. He was so huge that he left the show after 4 short years to become a big box office movie star and stand up comedian.

The Great late 80’s and 90’s

The late 80’s  brought on so much talent that it’s hard to imagine how they were all able to get airtime. With skits like Church Lady, Wayne and Garth, Hanz and Franz and all the great skits by Chris Farley and David Spade.

The late 90’s and beyond

With the change of cast to the great Will Farrell and everyone else brought on very memorable skits such as, the dopey cheerleaders, the head shaking numbskulls that you wouldn’t want to run into at a dance club and of course the great game show skits.

There are too many to many to mention in these past 48 years but people who polled recently and they revealed what their top 5 all skits were.  You might not agree with all of them, but you have to admit, they are all classics!

The Top 5 All Time Skits!

  • 5. “David S. Pumpkins”

    Tom Hanks played this ludicrous scary Halloween character that was supposed to be a shocking sight at a Disney like ride. He has returned to the role since his debut due to it’s absurdity.

  • 4. “Celebrity Jeopardy”

    Will Ferrell as a manic Alex Trebek is still one of the funniest skit in the show’s history. Even Mr Trebek himself was very amused by it.

  • 3. “Matt Foley: Van Down By The River”

    The quintessential Chris Farley character. Even today he is quoted for his so called motivational speech about living in a van down by the river. Watch his fellow cast members try to hold off their laughter and stay in control. Still a gem.

  • 2. “Wild & Crazy Guys”

    Steve Martin and Dan Ackroyd are brilliant as two Eastern European wanna be playboys. They still are two wild and crazy guys who love American Foxes!

  • 1. “More Cowbell”

    How can you ever hear Don’t Fear The Reaper without thinking about more cowbell? Will Ferrell is listed in two of the all time top 5 skits. Pretty awesome.

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