Since we work together pretty much every day I thought you might like to see my work area.

The company recently gave me my own cubicle so naturally I ‘Julie’d’ it up! 🙂 What I’d REALLY like is my own office….but this will do for now. 😉

Left view: my giant water glass, cinnamon diffuser I won at the WROR Yankee Swap last year, a vase with a years old dead rose and a years old chocolate rose, pixie in a jar, candle and engineer’s phone extentions.

To the right: Irish Tom, Bruce and THE BIG MAN, a couple of cups from friends, pens, pencils, highlighters, sharpies, ya know, ‘office supplies’, rhythm egg, a rooting spider plant, a rooting jade plant, a catalog….oh, and a cassette and cd burner.

Wide view: the all important, no one can live without anymore COMPUTER….for ‘computing’! I had to duck tape the edges of the counter top because it was scraping my arms!