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Steve Carrell likes shopping locally!

The Concord native and “40-Year-Old Virgin” star was spotted checking out the goods at the Mall at Chestnut Hill this weekend.

No word if he picked up any home appliances at Bloomingdales (despite a mad-good sale).

Public relations guru Nicole Maffeo Russo snapped photos of “The Minions” star last Saturday.

“Steve Carell is shopping at Chestnut Hill Mall,” Russo wrote in a tweet. “PS- this is my second mall spotting of Steve Carell. I saw him about 10 years ago at South Shore Plaza. Dude loves malls.”

FYI: The hat is a nod to his daughter’s college, Northwestern University in Chicago.

Aside from being a Concord native, Carrel has other local ties.

“The Office” star Carrell bought the Marshfield Hills General Store in 2008.

Carrell summered in the area. He met his wife Nancy on the South Shore.

“Carrell was in the middle of shooting his final episodes of The Office when he got word from his sister-in-law Tish Vivado, who lives in Marshfield Hills, that the store was for sale and might be abandoned if nobody bought it,” according to “The Carrells bought the place for roughly $500,000 and put more cash down to restore the building to its original glory.”

Have you seen Carrell in the new Hulu show, “The Patient”? Woah.

Carrell plays a therapist held captive by a serial killer who seeks help to curb his homicidal urges.

And, boy oh boy. It is CREEPY.

Fun fact! The serial killer is played by Domhnall Gleeson, who played Bill Weasley in the Harry Potter films. Domhnall’s DAD is Brendan Gleeson, who played Alastor “Mad Eye” Moody in the flms.  (The elder Gleeson was remarkable as the prisoner in “Paddington 2”, which, by the way, is a GREAT movie.)

We’re not sure which mall Carrell will hit next.

Let’s hope we see him in a food court really soon!