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This past Saturday night my wife Carolyn and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Beuno Malo in Andover. It’s a cool place with a nice vibe and modern California twist on Mexican food.  We usually go for a quesadilla or tacos and avoid getting their nachos because they’re just too big for two. You really need at least 3 or 4 people to finish them.

And that’s the point, you should finish the nachos or leave them behind.

Bobservation Nachos

Here is Bob wondering how he will finish these nachos.


My Bobservation is; you can never really recreate the magic of hot and fresh out of the kitchen nachos after taking them home. I’ve tried in the past and to my recollection, it didn’t work. They’re covered with toppings that don’t reheat well, sour cream, guacamole, salsa and whatever else was on top.

I brought this up to LBF today and she strongly disagrees, saying, “Are you crazy? I bring home my leftover nachos because I think we can recreate the magic one more time”


Hmm, I prefer to leave the nachos where we met and hope to meet again another day.

Who’s right?

Do you reheat and repeat or say adios nachos?

There’s no right or wrong answer it all depends on how hungry you are when the server asks if you want a box.

This website says they know how to reheat nachos, but they are adding all new toppings! That’s just making nachos again!

Here's How You Should Be Reheating Nachos

Who doesn't love a heaping plateful of hot, cheesy, spicy nachos? Nachos - typically a pile of tortilla chips covered with melted cheese or cheese sauce and then layered with an abundance of toppings, ranging from refried beans to guacamole to sour cream - were actually invented in Mexico, according to Cauldron Foods.


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