I read this story before I left work. It’s horrifying. Eighty eight pounds of plastic was found in this whale.

40 kilos of plastic bags,” including “16 rice sacks,” “4 banana plantation style bags and multiple shopping bags. This whale had the most plastic we have ever seen in a whale,” the organization wrote in its post. “It’s disgusting.

I stopped at Costco, which, thankfully, doesn’t use plastic bags, but I took notice of all the plastic and trash ONE Costco run for a family three was going to produce. Wrappers, cardboard boxes, individual juice boxes. On those, the plastic straws have plastic wrappers!

It’s overwhelming.

What do you do to produce less trash?

Here’s the full story:

88 Pounds of Plastic Was Discovered Inside a Beached Whale

A beached whale found in Davao City, Philippines, contained 88 pounds of plastic, according to a Facebook post from a nongovernmental organization that found the body.