Unsuspecting Swimmer is Tailed by a Killer Whale. So Scary! - LBF

As you know, I am afraid of many, many things. But this is so terrifying to me, my palms sweat when I watch it. I've seen "Orca." I've seen "Black Fish". (I have not seen "Free Willy.")

I think it's also because I have nightmares about sharks and whales.

Also? I won't swim in anything but a pool.

Orca Approaches Kneeboarder at Tindalls Bay, New Zealand

To use this video in a commercial player or broadcast, contact [email protected] Credit: topVIEW Photography via Storyful Original video: https://www.facebook.com/BuzzFeedNews/videos/590926661337788/ See more: https://www.topview.co.nz/inquisitive-orca-interacts-with-blows-bubble-at-kneeboarder/

This is why I am so messed up:

Orca (1977) - Final Showdown

Captain Nolan (Richard Harris) finally faces off against the orca one on one. From the 1977 film Orca Podcast episode: https://soundcloud.com/dead-last-podcast/01-aquatic-horrororca