March 1995.Bruce Willis Stars In The New Die Hardd Movie. (Photo By Getty Images)

It’s quirky, funny, sad and definitely not listed as the most Christmas-y of movies, but my favorite Christmas movie is “The Family Stone.”



OK, so there’s no Santa or Bing Crosby, but that doesn’t count. It’s set at Christmas and it’s about love and the holidays and there’s tinsel everywhere. So, yes, it’s Christmas movie, even though it’s not on Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas. SNOBS.

I guess the whole “movies that aren’t Christmas movies but are to some people” is a debate. Buzzfeed has a quiz. Listed among the contenders?

“Die Hard”, “Gremlins”, “Home Alone”, “Batman Returns” and “Eyes Wide Shut”. (Wait. What?)

OH! I also think “The Family Man”, starring the WORST ACTOR EVER, Nicolas Cage, is a Christmas movie. I love it. I cannot help myself.

And I think “Home for the Holidays”, though technically a Thanksgiving film, stands up at Christmas.

Anyway. Here are the early results of the poll, with my opinions.

1.  “Die Hard”:  56% Christmas, 44% Not Christmas. (I say no.)


2.  “Home Alone”:  97% Christmas, 3% Not Christmas. (I say yes.)


3.  “Gremlins”:  40% Christmas, 60% Not Christmas. (I say yes, but the way that “Mommie Dearest” is a Mother’s Day movie.)


4.  “Frozen”:  22% Christmas, 78% Not Christmas. (I say maybe. I’ll let the kids decide.)


5.  “Lethal Weapon”:  16% Christmas, 84% Not Christmas. (Nope.)


6.  “The Nightmare Before Christmas”:  78% Christmas, 22% Not Christmas.  (Never saw it. Tim Burton scares me.)


7.  “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”:  15% Christmas, 85% Not Christmas. (Huh?)


8.  “Edward Scissorhands”:  20% Christmas, 80% Not Christmas. (No way.)


9.  “Batman Returns”:  12% Christmas, 88% Not Christmas. (Never even considered it.)


10.  “Eyes Wide Shut”:  5% Christmas, 95% Not Christmas. (If you are a dark, perverted weirdo, I guess. But I am NOT coming over for Christmas dinner.)



(Although I bet if people were asked if “The Nightmare Before Christmas” is a Halloween movie, you’d get the same result.  But the debate here isn’t that difficult.  Is it a Christmas movie or a Halloween movie?  The answer is . . . YES.)


Originally posted on December 5th, 2017