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Close Your Ears! These Are The 5 Absolute Worst Cover Songs Ever!

You might not want hear these These are the absolute worst 5 cover songs ever according to You might not be familiar with these covers but, you surely are familiar with the originals. Makes you wonder what these artists were thinking. As you see the list, you will notice that they are all big-name stars. There are no unknowns on the list. That wouldn’t be fair or fun stars this big should have known better. Maybe they have a large all consuming sense of confidence that convinces them that they can tackle these well-known songs. All of the songs were hits and well-known already. Understand really cover song of some thing that was never a big hit. People are not familiar with the original, then they would be more excepting of the covers. Why so bad? We would assume that when the stars took to the studio, they had every intention of recording a cover song, the best they could. Perhaps some even thought they could outdo the original songs. Others may have thought that they could put a new spin on the song to fully make it their own. You can definitely see that was the intention of more than a few of the stars. They set out to tackle the song and make it familiar yet. Most of these efforts fell short of their goals. Some are so bad. You wonder what the artist was thinking when they gave the greenlight to release the song. Maybe everybody on their team were afraid to tell them that maybe we should leave this version on the cutting room floor, and leave well alone. Or maybe to them, the covers were worthy of being released. Remember, most of these 5 returned some financial dividends, so they at least “covered their costs”. Pun intended. Here are the top 5 Worst Cover Songs Ever    

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