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Check Out Billy Joel’s $49 Million Long Island Mansion For Sale

Not in a New York State of Mind Billy? Billy Joel is a New Yorker through and through, he has made his living singing about his beloved Empire State since his career started back in the early 70's, He loves singing about Long Island and the fisherman man that earn their living from the sea. So, why is Mr. New York selling his astonishing $49 million dollar mansion on Long Island? As it turns out, like many rockstars, Billy owns multiple houses and even has another one on Long Island. It’s good work if you can get it! There is good money in music. This year’s number one concert performer was Taylor Swift, who grossed over 2 Billion dollars with her worldwide Eras Tour.  She has many homes too, and even owns a nice seaside mansion in nearby Rhode Island. She  bought the property in Watch Hill back in 21013 for 18 Million.  By the way, she was only 24 at the time. Here’s what we know: During his New Year’s Eve concert at the USB Arena, Billy Joel announced that he has put his 26-acre waterfront estate on the market. He told fans, “Just because I’m selling that house doesn’t mean I’m leaving Long Island. I still have a house on Long Island.” He continued jokingly saying, “I’m just gonna spend a little more time in Florida like old Jewish guys from Long Island do.” The five-bedroom, six-bathroom waterfront estate has been listed for $49 million. The home sits on Oyster Bay Harbor and features a three-bedroom beach house, inground pool, helicopter pad and a floating dock, boat ramp, a four-bedroom guest house with an attached three-bedroom apartment, and a separate maintenance house, plus a bowling alley, indoor pool, outdoor pool, and four-car garage. If you could live in any celebrity’s house, whose would you choose to live in?   Check out Billy Joel’s $49 Million mansion below

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