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Bob and his wife Carolyn at A Beautiful Noise, The Neil Diamond Musical


Full confession, I’m not a musical guy, let’ s just say I’m more of a comedy or drama guy when it comes to seeing Broadway shows. When I heard about the new musical, A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical, I had to go.

We went this past Saturday to the see the show at the Emerson Colonial Theatre in Boston. You need to see it before it the show casts off for Broadway.

A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical

It’s so good, so good!

I had no idea about Neil Diamond’s back story and that he is really an introvert and the razzle dazzle show man I had seen on stage back in the 90’s was only a stage persona that hid his real personality,  I didn’t know he grew up in Brooklyn, NY as a loner, spending all of his time in his bedroom listening to the radio and dreaming of becoming a songwriter, not a performing artist.

Neil Diamond is played magnificently by Will Swenson, a terrific singer whose deep voice captures the essence of the Diamond sound, We spoke with Will Swenson on the morning show last week and you could tell he absolutely loves the role and has a very deep respect for the real Neil Diamond.

A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical

Getting to know the real Neil Diamond

The best part of the show for me was knowing all the songs. The musical starts with Neil as an older man sitting with a therapist and revealing that he is not who people think he is.

He tells his life story through his songs starting with his first hits that were written for other artists, until he had enough confidence to sing his own songs, and the rest is history.

A Beautiful Noise: The Neil Diamond Musical

A Beautiful Noise

The show runs now through August 7th and I cannot recommend it enough, as a matter of fact my mother in law Bev says it was the best show she has ever seen!  Seeing the smile on her face was the Cherry, Cherry on top! (get it?)


Toto, Elton, McCartney Songs Inspired By Real People

  • Elton John-Candle In The Wind

    So THAT’s who Norma Jean is. Elton John wrote this about actress Marylin Monroe. In later years, he revised it as a tribute to Princess Diana.


  • Peter Gabriel-In Your Eyes

    Rosanna Arquette AGAIN? Yes, Peter Gabriel dated her. She got a song.


  • Hall and Oates-Sara Smile

    Daryl Hall wrote this for his then girlfriend Sara Allen, a relationship that lasted thirty years. Sara Smile was a big early smash for Hall and Oates. Check this LIVE video featuring Smokey Robinson from the You Tube Show LIVE AT Daryl’s House.

  • Queen-You're My Best Friend

    Queen member John Deacon wrote this about his wife, Veronica. They married in 1975 and are still together. They really must be best friends.

  • The Beatles-Let It Be

    Paul McCartney said his mother Mary really came to him in a dream sharing the advice on how to cope with some problems you can’t control. Seeking words of wisdom she said, Let It Be.

  • Neil Diamond-Sweet Caroline

    Inspired by a photo of a then seven year old Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the former president, Neil Diamond wrote this fun song of summer. Sweet Caroline ended up as a Fenway Park favorite.