LOS ANGELES, CA - JANUARY 28: Steven Tyler at Steven Tyler and Live Nation presents Inaugural Janie's Fund Gala & GRAMMY Viewing Party at Red Studios on January 28, 2018 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Janie's Fund)

BREAKING: WCVB is reporting that the Aerosmith tour postponement INCLUDED the Boston show at the TD Garden, New Years Eve. Check back here for updates and rescheduled dates as we get them. 

Steven Tyler admits it! We hear them every day! But it’s easy to miss them!! If you listen carefully, you’ll HEAR GIANT mistakes left in the recording of some of the biggest hits! Aerosmith is no exception!

Big Mistakes, Left In The Song

Sometimes, the biggest flubs, make the best part of the song. But sometimes, we don’t ever hear about them. For example, there is one giant Beatle hit that you can CLEARLY hear Paul McCartney drop the F-BOMB during the recording! John Lennon loved it so much, he demanded they leave it in!

Recording Studios Cost Money

There are countless recording studio flubs, that DO NOT end up on the cutting room floor. Maybe because it enhanced the song. Or could it be an inside joke, between the band and the fans. Another reason, is simply money. Once a record label decides to record a band, many times they RENT a studio, costing THOUSANDS of dollars a day. So if a song is recorded with a mistake, it could cost THOUSANDS in engineering overtime, studio rental fees, so forth. So, sometimes, if the mistake is not noticeable to an untrained ear, they may leave it in.

Steven Tyler Admits This GLARING Mistake

My favorite music flub is this great story from Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler. While recording the band’s smash hit Sweet Emotion, he admitted in a recent interview, the two hysterical mistakes, that we’re left in! We found that and a bunch more!!

  • MISTAKE: Aerosmith-Sweet Emotion

    As they were about to begin recording, Steven realized that someone forgot the “maracas.” So he found SUGAR PACKETS, and held them to the mic! Also, Steven broke the “vibraslap.” You can hear the “crack” in the intro! Listen at about :23 seconds in!

  • MISTAKE: Beatles-Hey Jude

    Around the 2:55 mark, after the line “let her under your skin” you can actually hear McCartney say “f–#$%ing hell.” The story goes, that he played the wrong piano key. They left it in!

  • MISTAKE-Lynyrd Skynyrd-Sweet Home Alabama

    At about 4 seconds IN, you’ll hear, “TURN IT UP.” That was Ronnie Van Zant asking the engineer to “turn up his headphones.” It was NOT supposed to stay in the final recording. But everyone thought it sounded great, so they left it in.

  • MISTAKE-War-Why Can't We Be Friends


    RIGHT at the beginning, you can hear keyboard player Lonnie Jordan MISS a note on the keyboard!!! You can clearly hear it. They loved it so much, they left it in!


  • MISTAKE-Police-Roxanne

    Why is STING laughing at the beginning? As they are recording, he decided to SIT down into what he thought was a CHAIR. It was a PLUGGED IN KEYBOARD. He planed his a$%#ss on a piano!

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