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Cheers to cheese! Velveeta revealed a new cheesy cocktail!

Behold: The Veltini

It features Velveeta cheese-infused vodka, an olive brine and dry vermouth.  It’s garnished with Velveeta-stuffed olives and jumbo-size Velveeta cheese shells. And there’s a “cheese drip” along the brim of the glass.

Livin’ La Dolce Velveeta!

Where can you get this thing?

This “drink” is available at select BLT steak restaurants for a limited time, but if you can’t make it to New York or Aruba or Osaka, Goldbelly has $50 Veltini meal kits, which include two martini glasses, a gold cocktail shaker, two Velveeta coasters, a jar of olives, cocktail picks, a box of Velveeta Jumbo Shells & Cheese, Velveeta cheese sauce for infusing the vodka and garnishing the rim, a Velveeta brick for stuffing the olives, and a Velveeta Veltini recipe card.


Listen, I love me a martini with blue-cheese stuffed olives. (The best blue cheese olives are at Wards Berry Farm in Sharon, by the way. You’re welcome.) And one of my favorite treats as a kid were home-made pizza bagels with burnt Velveeta cheese on the top. (Remember when the cheese would bubble up and turn black, and when you peeled it off, there was this cheesy, gooey mess that was so delicious that you couldn’t wait to eat it even though it burned the bejeezus out of the top of your mouth?)

God, those were the days.

Anyway, this Veltini is a stretch. I’m not sure what cheese-infused vodka tastes like, but I’m willing to bet it’s slightly thick, which may trigger a gag reflex. But I’ll try it because I am 1.) brave and 2.) it involves booze.

I am a researcher, people.

And there’s nothing like hardening your arteries while getting a buzz.

Also, you can skip the charcuterie board. So that’s good news.

(If like to eat Velveeta and not drink it, try the queso dip recipe here.)