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It’s not Christmas until I break out my favorite album… “John Denver and The Muppets: A Christmas Together!” -Lungboy

It’s not Christmas in my house until I get sap all over my hands trying to put the tree in the stand. Happens every year. Then I try and find turpentine or nail polish remover to get it off and we never have any. People tell me to wear gloves. NOPE. I’d rather suffer. It means it’s Christmastime AND it smells great! I did find out that regular toothpaste will remove pine tree sap.. We do have that and this year I USED IT!!! My hands smelled like a minty Christmas tree. Can’t wait to do it again. “Minty Christmas Tree hands” could be a new Febreeze smell! -Hank …Looks great. Little full, lotta sap.

It’s not Christmas until….my boiler breaks, my snowblower breaks, my faucet breaks and my coolant emergency light in my car goes off. AND THIS WAS JUST THIS WEEK! -LBF But that’s OK, they all were fixed in time for me to watch “Scrooge” with Albert Finney while Dave made pies in the kitchen and Lucy got her annual holiday outfit! Happy Holidays, everyone! 

SPOILER ALERT- SANTA! It isn’t really Christmas until you finally figured out how to properly attach the training wheels to the bike at 2am and the kids come running into your bedroom at 5:30 yelling, “Santa’s been here!” -Loren …I’m the worst toy maker ever!

We cut down the tree, (usually pulling a muscle in the process) and bring it home. While putting it up, we watch “Christmas Vacation”, “Diehard” and “Just Friends.” Finally, Bobo our cat, takes the first communion, taking first sip of tree water. -Jaybeau

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It’s not Christmas until “The John” (my dad) and I hop in the car and head for the yearly tree pick out disagreement followed by a selfie of us (mostly him) stuffing the tree in the back of the car. On the way home we head by the Christmas Graveyard (don’t know if that is the name of it, but that is what we call it ) because it contains over 200 of those plastic Christmas lawn ornaments. They are straight out of the 80’s! This yard is covered in them. I’m talking on the pool, the roof of the shed and this year it has made it to the front porch roof! -PJ

It’s NOT Christmas until there’s a tree in the house! -Julie

It’s not Christmas until I put my sleigh on the front lawn!Hank

I bought a beat up old sleigh about seven or eight years ago and my buddy, Bobby Lloyd, did a lot of repair work to it. Santa actually left me a note about how nice he thinks it is. I was honored. It is going out on the front lawn this weekend because it’s been in the shop for a tune up!