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Dear Nation!

Welcome to the Loren and Wally Obnoxious Christmas Letter. Don’t worry. No one’s been accepted to Stanford or made partner at the law firm or even joined a gym.

You’re lucky we’re not overachievers!

But, really, what a year! We slammed into 2017 head on, didn’t we? A new president, the threat of nuclear annihilation, filthy Hollywood scandals and the really big news: Wally retired!

But did he? Wally spent 2017 hitting the early bird special…hard. But there’s no rest for the wicked – even the wicked retired. Hey, his name is still on the billboard, so we made him work for it!

Wally parlayed his love of vacations into a part-time gig for WROR, traveling the world on someone else’s dime.


While were getting up at 3 a.m. and charged with the impossible task of making jokes about Kim Jong Un and Harvey Weinstein, Wally traversed the globe – first to wilds of the Wickaninnish Inn on Vancouver Island, then to the shores of Italy, where he rubbed elbows with models, stars and pasta.

He told us all about George Clooney’s villa in Italy, the pod of Orcas in Canada and all the details of beautiful hotels, views and food. The best part? Wally gave away free trips to listeners so they could “Live Like Wally.”


But hey, we had fun, too, and gave away tickets to U2, Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart, James Taylor, Jimmy Buffett, Sting, Foreigner, Billy Joel, John Mellencamp, Bob Seger, Queen and Roger Waters. We sent folks to Aruba, Universal Studios and on a Disney cruise.

And we handed out lots of CASH!

We also honored moms on Mother’s Day with spa days and a cruise for the grand prize winner.

This summer, we hosted the Dirty Water TV Anniversary party with Huey Lewis & the News. That WAS AMAZING.

Even more amazing? The WROR team rode a total of 600 miles for the Pan Mass Challenge this August and YOU all helped us raise $48,000 for Dana Farber. Shout out to WROR listeners and members of Team WROR riders, Debora B. and Bob C. THANK YOU!

Good job!

Of course, the year wasn’t without some sorrow. Sadly we lost Greg Allman, Tom Petty, and J. Geils, but their hits live on here at WROR.

And there were a couple of surprises, too. Bruce Springsteen (who ISN’T’ a show tunes guy) went to Broadway. And Barry Manilow (who IS DEFINITELY a show tunes guy) melted LBF’s heart in Boston (and had her home by 9:35) Also, we learned that Barry’s lyrics are VERY similar to entries into LBF’s middle school diary.

And speaking of Barrys, we met Barry Williams, AKA, Greg Brady. It was SO GROOVY.

In personal news, Hank became a GRANDFATHER and little Harv is the cutest (and smallest) member of the nation! Brian “Lungboy” Bell’s son Sam is only eight, but has more Celtics jerseys than Modell’s and can call a game better that Brian Scalabrine! (Lungboy is convinced Sam will be an NBA first round pick someday.) His daughter Lila continues to run on absolutely zero sleep in all of her four years. Not a creature was stirring, except for Lila! LBF’s daughter is a chip off the old block. All of her Christmas present requests were inspired by movies! (Just don’t ask about the “Pretty Woman” outfit she’s DEFINITELY not getting.) Loren Owens successfully made it thru another year where he did NOT touch a single free donut! (How does he do it?) Julie Devereaux bought her first home, a place where she can finally unpack ALL of her records! (And the police have not been called yet for noise disturbance!) Jaybeau was admitted to the Rhode Island Radio Hall of Fame! (He’s coming for you Massachusetts Broadcasters!)

Happy Holidays from our crazy family to yours! And cheers to 2018!