People aren’t just ghosting their dates anymore . . . now they’re ghosting jobs.  According to job recruiters, there’s a huge trend of people vanishing at different points during the hiring process . . . including doing things like not showing up to an interview or even taking a job but then never coming in.”

OMG. I did this. Back in 1993 when I was a hostess at Ruby Tuesday’s at the Holyoke Mall. I was a senior at UMass-Amherst. I LOVED those breadsticks and the honey butter at Ruby’s. I think I gained 10 pounds.

But then something happened. All the hostesses started getting pregnant. IT WAS WEIRD. And also I got pretty busy at school, I needed to quit those breadstick or else so….I JUST NEVER WENT BACK. Weird, right?

Anyway. It’s a thing now.

People are 'ghosting' at work, and it's driving companies crazy

Jo Weech, a Washington-based recruiter, found a software engineer she planned to hire, one with skills and experiences so rare she dubbed her a