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Awkward! What Happens When Your Mother In Law Asks About Your Sex Life?

Today’s Morning Court was a doozy.

Danielle’s mother-in-law is a little nosy. OK. A LOT nosy. More than curious. She’s awkward.
And that’s how you feel when your mother-in-law asks about your sex life!
“So we were at my in-law’s last weekend. I get along with his mom very well and we always spend personal time together.
“We snuck out on Saturday for shopping and lunch. That’s when she asked how our sex life was going.

“This was way out of the blue.

“I was completely blindsided.

“I said it was fine, then asked why she brought that up.

“Apparently, my husband told her that he was not happy about what we do in bed, and even shared details with her.

“I tried to change the subject, but she kept on, and brought up a very specific sexual position and said, “Jarrod tells me you’re having some trouble with this. I think I can help you.”  


“I told her I wasn’t comfortable talking about it with her, and we didn’t bring it up again.

“That night, I talked to my husband about what was said. He acted like it wasn’t a big deal and said he talks to his mom about everything and he’s so glad that she and I are close enough to discuss it, too. 

“Now I don’t know whether to be upset with him or with her. This is NOT normal behavior, right? Do guys do this? And what should I do if this comes up again?” Danielle is wondering what she should do now that her mother-in-law thinks it’s OK to talk about the sex life of her son and his wife.

She’s never run into anything like this before. And neither have we! 

Listen to the Morning Court HERE:

Morning Court Case of The Nosey Mother-In-Law 4/10 – The ROR Morning Show


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