Wicked Fall Guide

Wicked Fall Guide

Wicked Fall Guide

380020 05: Tourists, known this time of year as "leaf peepers", stroll arm in arm October 10, 2000 in Minuteman National Park taking in the fall foliage in Concord MA. Regional forecasters say due to New England''s unusually wet summer, the fall foliage season may be the most colorful in recent years. (Photo by Darren McCollester/Newsmakers)

Today is the first day of fall. The leaves are changing. The cider is flowing. Pumpkin spice is all around. We are starting to wear our scarves, our boots and our hoodies. Fall is truly the best time of year. Especially if you’re from New England. There are so many things to do in New England in the fall. Simply taking a drive to look at fall foliage can be a fun day trip. The website www.lawnstarter.com has come out with its list of best states in the country to visit this fall. They looked at 20 key indicators of a fun fall trip. Some of which include: number of state parks and hiking trails, as well as fall-themed amusements like pumpkin patches, corn mazes, and hayrides. Of course they also took into account the fall foliage. They ranked in the categories: fall scenery, outdoor recreation, entertainment and safety. The state that came in last place, Hawaii. Believe it or not, Massachusetts came in at #19 which seems to be a tad low for all of the beautiful sites here in the fall. We got a 39.16 overall score. For fall scenery, we scored a 25. For recreation, we scored an 11. For entertainment and safety, we scored a 12.

There were other rankings on this list too. From Most Weeks with Fall Foliage which Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Vermont and Washington all tied for first. Most Scenic Drives went to California, followed by Utah, Colorado, Arizona and Washington. Most Corn Mazes went to Vermont, followed by Montana, New Hampshire, Nebraska and Rhode Island. And for Most Wineries, Oregon was #1, followed by Washington, Vermont, California and Michigan.

So before you make your plans for vacation this fall, make sure you check out this list in its entirety. We’ll start with #13 down to #1. Best of luck planning your fall vacation!Fall Foliage Starts to Color the North East

  • #13 Oregon

    Overall score 43.96, Fall Scenery 19, Recreation 9, Entertainment 5, Safety 5

    Guide to Oregon's Brilliant Fall Leaves

    When and where colors peak with Oregon's most colorful trees.

  • #12 Pennsylvania

    Overall score 44.16, Fall Scenery 12, Recreation 10,  Entertainment 17, Safety 17

    13 Of The Most Beautiful Fall Destinations In Pennsylvania

    Plan a visit to these gorgeous places to visit in Pennsylvania in the fall. And be sure to bring your camera with you!

  • #11 Ohio

    Overall score 44.4, Fall Scenery 17, Recreation 19,  Entertainment 25, Safety 25


  • #10 Wisconsin

    Overall score 45.16, Fall Scenery 23, Recreation 16,  Entertainment 15, Safety 15

    15 Best Places To See Fall In Wisconsin

    Searching for the best places to see fall in Wisconsin? Here are 15 epic locations to experience fall in Wisconsin that everyone will love!

  • #9 Minnesota

    Overall score 45.71, Fall Scenery 12, Recreation 17,  Entertainment 16, Safety 16

    13 Of The Most Beautiful Fall Destinations In Minnesota

    Fall is one of the most beautiful times in Minnesota! These gorgeous destinations will help you drink up every last remaining bit of sunshine.

  • #8 Maine

    Overall score 46.49, Fall Scenery 7, Recreation 12,  Entertainment 4, Safety 4

    10 Best Things to Do in Maine in the Fall

    From fairs and festivals to scenic drives and moose tours, here are the 10 best things to do in Maine in the fall.

  • #7 New Hampshire

    Overall score 47.23, Fall Scenery 12, Recreation 18,  Entertainment 2, Safety 2

    Fall in NH

    Fall in love with fall in NH when vibrant colors cover the landscape. Be sure your trip includes autumn activities like fall fairs and apple and pumpkin picking too!

  • #6 New York

    Overall score 48.4, Fall Scenery 8, Recreation 5,  Entertainment 10, Safety 10

    Fall activities in NYC: A guide of great things to do this autumn

    The ultimate guide to fall in NYC, from leaf-peeping and apple picking to jack o' lantern festivals and corn mazes.

  • #5 Colorado

    Overall score 49.27, Fall Scenery 3, Recreation 6,  Entertainment 29, Safety 29


    Fall in Breckenridge is an experience everyone should enjoy at least once. Discover all the reasons you should visit Breckenridge during the fall.

  • #4 Michigan

    Overall score 49.57, Fall Scenery 8, Recreation 8,  Entertainment 13, Safety 13

    Experience Fall in Michigan

    Fall signals its arrival with the slow turning of leaves. Welcome to fall in Pure Michigan. Come celebrate the fall harvest while reflecting on nature's bounty and beauty. Take the scenic route and be a part of the magical transformations of both season and spirit.

  • #3 Vermont

    Overall score 52.02, Fall Scenery 11, Recreation 26,  Entertainment 1, Safety 1

    Fall | Vermont Tourism

    In the fall, nature paints the landscape in a breathtaking tapestry of deep crimson, blaze oranges, and bright yellows. As the crisp autumn air sets in, the

  • #2 Washington

    Overall score 53.73, Fall Scenery 4, Recreation 3,  Entertainment 6, Safety 6

    10 Great Places to See Fall Colors in Washington State

    Washington may be known for its evergreen forests but there are plenty of beautiful fall colors in Washington State. Here are 10 amazing fall destinations.

  • #1 California

    Overall score 60.12, Fall Scenery 1, Recreation 1,  Entertainment 37, Safety 8

    The Best Fall Destinations in California - Bon Traveler

    Our curated list for the perfect California autumn escape.

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