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9 Target Stores Closing In These Major Cities Because Of Theft And Violence

Target is the ultimate store where you can walk in to buy just one thing and walk out with a carriage full of things you didn’t need. When you ask the average consumer why they shop at Target stores, you’ll get a variety of answers but the most common one is “you can find absolutely anything at a Target store.” Target’s motto is “Expect More. Pay Less.” For the most part, people shop at Target to grab anything from baby products to household items to groceries. Not every Target has a grocery section but many do. Either way, we can bet money that if you’re planning on going to a Target store for one item, you’ll come out with at least two. So for all of you who love Target and it is your favorite store, you may not love the fact that some of their stores are closing. 9 stores are closing throughout four major cities in the country because of theft and organized retail crime. The reason the stores are closing is that they claim to be losing a lot of money, affecting their bottom line.  According to a statement from Target: “We cannot continue operating these stores because theft and organized retail crime are threatening the safety of our team and guests, and contributing to unsustainable business performance." The cities: Harlem, N.Y; two in Seattle, Wash.; three near San Francisco and Oakland, Calif.; and three in Portland, Ore. The effective closing date of these stores is October 21. All "eligible" employees will be able to transfer to other stores. The theft of the merchandise will result in a profit cut of about $500 million this year from Target. No word if these stores would ever reopen or if more stores will follow. Let's hope this doesn't follow suit in Massachusetts.  

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