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No Self-Checkout Ever – And Other Fun Facts About Market Basket

"From the Basket to the Casket.” It’s a catchy saying many in Massachusetts use to profess their love of Market Basket. People in New England fall in love with Market Basket regularly. It has become a shopping staple for many families here. And although sometimes the masses get a little overwhelmed when walking into Market Basket due to the high traffic, we appreciate the cleanliness and overall quality of the store – and we love their prices (sometimes). We have come to understand why Market Basket isn’t just a grocery store, it’s a way of life. But there are several facts we bet you didn't know about your favorite grocery store. Its first store opened in 1917 under the name DeMoulas Market. You will never see a self-checkout line. According to Wikipedia, company President Arthur T. Demoulas stated that he wanted "a human being waiting on a human being." Market Basket was one of the first store chains to allow people buying items with credit cards. There are NO Market Basket locations in Boston There is a completely UNRELATED grocery store chain called Market Basket in Texas As of January 2023, Market Basket operates 88 stores within four states - Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Rhode Island Now we know how much you love Market Basket. We also know there are several unwritten rules for going to your favorite grocery store. We have gathered a bunch of those rules and applied them here. This way, your next trip to the basket can run a lot more smoothly. Some of these unwritten rules really need to be written. It'll cause a lot less fights, road rage in the aisles and we will all not dread our weekly trip to the grocery store. Oh and as always, if we've forgotten a few, please let us know. Enjoy!  

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