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Two British Women Ejected from The Bodyguard Show For Terrible Sing Along!


A theater in Manchester, England bounced two women  from “The Bodyguard” musical for “singing” along with the songs.

It was more like screaming.

The disruptive duo belted out an off-key version of Whitney Houston’s famous number “I Will Always Love You” at the end of act two.

The singing was so disastrous and disorderly, the theater was forced to shut down the show before the act ended.

Theater managers in Manchester, England Friday even went so far as to cut the lead’s mic, after audience members would not stop singing along with the musical’s songs.

The house lights came up and security pulled two women out the theater.

Then police arrived to oversee the evacuation of the theater after what people on social media described as “fights in the aisles” and even “a mini-riot.”

What in the name of Rachel Marron is GOING ON?

According to People Who Were There (thanks Twitter!) the show — based on the hit 1992 film — paused once during the first act because of the disruptive audience sing-alongs.

I guess people who think they can out-sing a professional is becoming a thing in theaters. So much so that the Manchester Theater has signs up that read: “Please refrain from singing along.”

Who does this?

I mean, I expect this at a concert. Which is the main reason I don’t like concerts.

I go to concerts so I can hear the singer sing, not Susan from accounting who is warbling like a fisher cat in heat.

Right behind me.

I thought I was safe in a theater. Not so much.

According to Variety:

“Pussycat Dolls member Melody Thornton‘s mic was cut mid-song, the house lights came up and offenders were evicted — struggling against being pulled out by their shoulders, in video footage captured by attendees — and the show was officially called off.”

People went nuts in the theater. And twitter blew up.

Check out the howling hens getting kicked out.

Audience members were NOT happy with the selfish outbursts:

Musical theater actors appealed to audiences to STOP doing this:

And check out this thread about the rude behavior at a recent performance:


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