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People are leaving Massachusetts at an increased rate of 70%. Much has been talked about lately about reasons why people are leaving the state, despite many people that live here thinking it’s the best place to live in the entire world. If that’s the case, why are so many in a rush to get out of here? We can take a look at what studies are saying but we wanted to go right to the source…YOU! We asked many of you why you left Massachusetts and if they regret it. The answers will definitely surprise you. Many state the obvious, cost of living, as their reason. But there are other factors that you probably haven’t thought about. Let’s first take a look at what the surveys are saying before we dive deep into actual answers from our listeners.

Many cite affordability dropping which, since covid, it has. That doesn’t just include home prices. It includes day care costs, school cost, grocery cost etc. The opportunity for remote work is also a big reason many have left. Since the pandemic, many companies are giving their employees the opportunity to work from home. This gives many more flexibility to work wherever they want. So if it’ll cost a lot less to live somewhere else but do the same job, many are jumping at the chance.

People are leaving Massachusetts, but where are they going. According to a recent study, they’re going to New Hampshire first, by a landslide. Many cited taxes as a big reason for that. Second on the list, Florida. Many are citing warmer climate as a big reason they’re leaving for Florida. California is third followed by New York, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

So let’s take a look at YOUR reasons. Real people who have left Massachusetts. Why did you leave? Where did you go? Do you regret it?

  • Too expensive

    Many of our responders posted cost as a main reason. Donald Lemelin says his friends left with that being a main reason. Joycelyn Hoyt agreed. Heather Romanoff escaped MA because of the cost of living as well.

    Cost of Living in Massachusetts

    Best Places to Live | Compare cost of living, crime, cities, schools and more.

  • Massachusetts is "too fast paced"

    Many don’t like the hustle and bustle of people in the Northeast. We are always in a rush and are always moving fast. Many leave to be more relaxed and less stressed.

    10 Things to Know BEFORE Moving to Boston: Life in Boston

    Do you want to know if moving to Boston, MA, is the right move for you? Here are 10 things that you need to know about Boston! The sophisticated city of Boston is found on Massachusetts Bay in the northeastern United States.

  • Weather, too cold

    Massachusetts is known for cold, long winters. Jade Garay says now, living in Florida, she doesn’t have to worry about remote car starters, gloves or hats.

    Every State, Ranked by How Miserable Its Winters Are

    Unless you happen to be living in one of the few fairytale-like ski towns dotting the country, most of America is miserable in winter. Sure, it's one of the best seasons if you're into sports like skiing and snowboarding, but winter, for most of us, is less cozy cabins and après-ski, more shoveling snow and chapped lips.

  • Better places to raise a family

    Many believe raising a family is better elsewhere. Julianne Holmes moved to New Hampshire thinking it would be a quieter, better life for her family.

    2023 Best Cities to Raise a Family

    Ranking of best cities for families in U.S. based on crime rates, public schools, cost of living, and family-friendly amenities.

  • Better school systems elsewhere

    Anna Inch says she debated staying in Methuen but was concerned about the school system, so they moved to NH. The interesting thing about that is, Massachusetts actually ranks #1 for school systems in the U.S.

    These 10 States Have the Best Public School Systems

    As you consider where to buy a home, consider the school district. You may need to make extra money to afford a better school district or pay for a private school if you live in an area with less-than-desirable schools.

  • Massachusetts is "too liberal"

    Massachusetts has, in general, voted democrat in most elections. Many consider MA a liberal state with very liberal views. As you can expect, if your views don’t match, you may not enjoy living here.

    Massachusetts has the 'most liberals' in the US, according to Stacker

    More liberals live in Massachusetts than any other state in the U.S., according to Stacker. The website ranked each state by two metrics. First, Stacker looked at the percentage of residents who identify as liberals.

  • More room for personal and professional growth elsewhere

    Tayla Balboni moved from MA to Florida and has grown significantly as a person. “It was scary as hell but the best decision I’ve ever made. The amount of personal and professional growth is astounding. I get to “Church” weekly. There’s an extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day on the shortest of winter months. I spend so much more time outside than I could ever imagine. I will take the heat over snow and ice any day! I also don’t feel the need for a vacation away from here- I live in a vacation spot.”

    These U.S. States Are Booming

    See how your state is growing compared to others. US News ranks states by net migration, as well as the growth of their young population and GDP.

  • Cost of registering vehicles and owning a vehicle in general

    Krissy Suppa says  “We have been in mass for 4 years now and I always regret moving here. Between how much utilities are with unitil and how much it is to register your vehicles. It’s awful!” Sherry Bell says her trucks won’t even pass inspection here. 

    No more free car inspection months; new Massachusetts rule begins Tues.

    New state rules on vehicle inspections went into effect Tuesday in Massachusetts, ending a policy that allowed drivers late getting their car checked to still have a full year before their next inspection. In the corner of their windshield, vehicles have historically been affixed with an inspection sticker displaying the month of their most recent inspection.

  • Better advocacy for learning disabilities elsewhere

    Brittany Sykes says she moved to RI and noticed a big difference. “They have a better education system & advocacy for learning disabilities, less violence, cheaper..”

    Believe it or not, however, MA tops a list of the best places to live when growing up with a learning disability.

    The Best States for Living With a Disability in 2023 - Policygenius

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 61 million Americans live with a disability. That's over a quarter of the U.S. population. And of people age 65 or older, 40% have a disability. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is one form of legal protection for people living with disabilities.

  • Utility prices

    Marisa Stark Dolan said “the UTILITIES. we pay approximately $300-$450 less per month now” after moving to NH. MA is the third most expensive state utility wise to live.

    Massachusetts ranked 3rd most energy-expensive state

    Massachusetts was ranked the third most energy-expensive state in the United States, in a new WalletHub study. The research aimed better understand the impact of energy on finances relative to location and consumption habits. "In the U.S., energy costs eat between 5 and 22 percent of families' total after-tax income, with the poorest Americans, or 25 million households, paying the highest of that range," WalletHub wrote.


  • Traffic

    Many stated traffic is awful in Massachusetts and is a main reason for leaving. Jodie McDaniel, Donald Lemelin and others list traffic is a main reason.

    Massachusetts Ranks 20th in the Nation in Highway Performance and Cost-Effectiveness - Reason Foundation

    Massachusetts' highway system ranks 20 th in the nation in overall cost-effectiveness and condition, according to the Annual Highway Report by Reason Foundation. This is a 23-spot improvement from the previous report, where Massachusetts ranked 43 rd . However, some categories in the report cannot be compared to previous years due to methodological changes that also impacted some state's overall rankings.

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