HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JULY 13: Chris Evans attends Netflix's "The Gray Man" Los Angeles Premiere at TCL Chinese Theatre on July 13, 2022 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images for Netflix)

Ok, can you guess the MOST searched Massachusetts celebrities for 2022?

Let’s face it. Our state gave birth to some of the most FAMOUS people on Earth. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the depth of art and education? Maybe the history of our great state plants the seeds of success? While I’m not crazy about our famous winters, I would find it hard to move. I mean how many celebrities have their own BURGER? Have you ever had a Mark Wahlburger?

Who Cares?

Well it’s a good question. You watch, when I post this on our Facebook, I’ll get the usual ten people saying “who cares.” For me, I find celebrities interesting because of a few reasons. I’m not terribly interested in the individual. But I find the drive in these people fascinating. To be THIS successful, what have they had to give up? What sacrifices have they made to be a the TOP of their game. Look at Tom Brady, for example.

I have been on the radio since I was sixteen. I’ve seen stars come and go, and have been blessed to have met almost every iconic music celebrity. What is the one thing I see over and over again for the stars that seem to last? The one thing they all have in common: hard work. They are always working to reinvent themselves and stay fresh and try to stay relevant.  Let’s see if that theory holds as we see the list.

The List

I found a list based on a number of metrics showing the top 10 most searched celebs in our great state. I’m surprised by this list, by the number of omissions. People I don’t know made the list. Others, we see every day in commercials, did not.

So let’s take a deep dive and find the MOST searched Massachusetts celebrities for 2022!


  • 10-Bo Burham-Comic-Hamilton


    Bo is on the right. According to Google:

    Bo Burnham, best known for being a Comedian, was born in Hamilton, MA on Tuesday, August 21, 1990. Comedian and singer who parlayed success on the internet to two consecutive hit comedy albums between 2009 and 2010. His one hour special, “What”, was released for free on Netflix and YouTube in 2013.

  • 9-John Krasinski-Boston

    This guy should be higher on the list, with his great work in The Office, as the hysterical Jim Halpert. Add to that, a total escape from TV comedy to movie hero in Jack Ryan. Now he’s a producer-director with the Quiet Place thrillers. Is there anything this guy can’t do?

  • 8-Steve Carell-Acton

    Steve never disappoints. Have you seen him at his family variety store in Marshfield?

  • 7-Dave Portnoy-Swampscott

    Founder, Bar Stool Sports

  • 6-Bill Burr-Comedian-Canton

    Within five seconds, anytime I see him on TV, I’m laughing

  • 5-Matt Damon-Cambridge

    Not every movie was a hit, but, Jason Bourne is good enough for me. Gotta mention Good Will Hunting.

  • 4-John Cena-West Newbury

    There’s somethin likeable about this guy.

  • 3-Mark Wahlberg-Boston

    You can’t argue that this guy knows how to stay relevant. Not bad for Markie Mark. Even though his movie Me Time on Netflix was borderline, dumb, I watched it, and some parts, made me laugh. He’s figured out Hollywood. It’s cool that he’s from here.

  • 2-Chris Evans-Boston

    If I say anything questionable, I’ll lose most of my female listeners, including my wife. He’s a good Captain America. I have not seen many of his more dramatic roles.

    His was an almost believable Dad in Defending Jacob, if every lawyer-Dad living in Newton is built like Captain America.

    I don’t know if every up and coming DA has time for 3 hours a day at the gym. But, the muscles-t-shirt- cardigan, look was appreciated by my wife. But with all of that said, good for you Chris.

  • 1-Ben Affleck-Boston

    If you want to be #1 searched, get back with JLO. I wonder if Heidi will like that hoodie-blazer, look?

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