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Want to Find That Internet Photo? Artificial Intelligence Is Here

Is this groundbreaking, or scary? Want to find that internet photo of YOU? Artificial Intelligence is here. How Far Has Artificial Intelligence Advanced? Science leaders like Elon Musk has sent out many warnings that AI must be monitored closely. Others say it's too late. Some are saying there is nothing to worry about. Many are talking about ChatGPT. It's a bot that can answer questions in a human like manner. Hey, we already have experienced AI in every day life. When we call a utility company or any company to check our account, the human recorded voice that directs us, is most likely a AI generated voice. How about Amazon's Alexa?  Boston Dynamics was just hired to send a couple of robot dogs to the NYPD. Want to Find That Internet Photo? Now there's an AI website that's creating a lot of buzz, both positive and not so positive. January 1, 1983 is reportedly the birthday of the world wide web. So imagine a tool that can track down EVERY picture of you that is somewhere, on the internet. An image search site (yes, I guess we have that now) company called PimEyes uses AI to track down internet pictures. According to social site Despite such technological advances, there will always be an argument for giving us more information than we actually need, such as image search site PimEyes, which uses AI to identify any other pictures of you that are online. It has been dubbed 'the most disturbing AI website on the internet'. The way it works is that you give the site a photo of yourself and it uses that picture to collect all of your snaps that are supposedly available on the internet. While some thing it's pretty cool, others have called it 'a stalker's dream'. But, this tool has some positives. It's reportedly fast. One famous person discovered that someone was using their likeness without permission. Wow, maybe we NEED to find that internet photo! Isn't it fascinating that to look back, we must look forward?

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