Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

Bob & LBF in the Morning

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The people at WalletHub have compiled a list of the 40 Best to Worst Cities for Credit Scores in the country. We all know that these days it’s more important than ever to have a higher credit score, with these sky high interest rates, the better your score, the better your chance of getting a better and lower rate.

There are many companies that will provide you with your credit score for free, so it’s much easier these days to obtain your score and to help you better maintain a higher one.

The higher your credit score the better (unlike golf)

Most lenders want to see your score in the 700-800 range, anything lower than 700 will mean you are a “credit risk” and that will make getting a loan harder and probably at a higher interest rate to boot.

To maintain a good credit score there are variables such as, paying on time, paying more than the minimum owed and not carrying too much credit. The worst you can do is miss payments, credit score companies rate that as being a “risk to loan.”

Oh, the irony

The other irony is, some people have low credit scores because they don’t have enough credit out, which means it’s hard to show that you are good risk if you have nothing to judge your credit with.

Bad credit history can stay with you quite a while, and you will have to prove over a period of 2 to 3 years that you’re a good risk again, pay your debt back early and on time and you should see your score climb consistently into the good to excellent range.

Here are the top two Massachusetts towns with the highest and best credit scores and the overall best three cities in the US along with the bottom three worst cities for credit scores.

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