TAMPA, FLORIDA - OCTOBER 27: Tom Brady #12 of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers looks on during pregame warm-ups prior to a game against the Baltimore Ravens at Raymond James Stadium on October 27, 2022 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

Well, what DOES it take to be the NINTH richest athlete in the world? People actually took the time to deep dive the Tom Brady net worth. This fascinating list of assets and projects seem to go on and on.

The Player

It’s twenty three years, of winning, record breaking and learning, for all of us.

Tom Brady is arguably the best football quarterback of all time. For the last twenty three years, he has given the world of sports amazing entertainment. Not bad for draft number 199.

One of the more famous financial choices you’ll see below is how he waived more Patriots money so the team can afford higher quality players. I was surprised to see a sneak peek into HOW MANY enterprises he is into.

The Businessman

Cosmopolitan Magazine takes a look at his current deal with Tampa Bay, the current Fox Television deal, the Patriots and then looks the side hustle. Needless to say, it’s all very impressive.

We all know that Gisele has her own mind blowing stats. According to msn.com: Tom is sitting on a reported $333 million, while Gisele has $400 million in the bank.

But for today, we’ll focus on Tom.

So, let’s sit back, and hop on the the Tom Brady net worth, train, here we go!

  • Tampa Bay Deal

    According to Pro Football Network, Tom signed a two-year contract with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a whopping $50 million.

    A $15 million salary for each season;
    $10 million roster bonuses; And per ESPN, an extra $500,000 for making it to the playoffs, plus an extra $500,000 for each of his two wins against the Saints and the Packers in 2021.

    Also according to Pro Football Network, “Tom’s salary counts for 14.1 percent of the Buccaneers’s salary cap, which is estimated at more than $30 million for 2021.”


  • Fox Sports

    Sports Illustrated reported this past May that Tom signed a 10-year deal with Fox Sports worth a total of $375 million. In his role with the network, Tom will be a lead on-air NFL analyst. That said, he likely won’t be seeing those funds until he officially retires and pivots career-wise.

  • The Patriots

    Over the course of his 20 seasons (!!) with the New England Patriots, Tom reportedly earned a total of $235.2 million….and he could have gotten waaaaay more. In March 2020, Business Insider reported Tom actually gave up on getting paid at least $60 million during his time with the team so that other great players could be added to the roster. Throughout the years, the athlete’s contracts only got more and more lucrative. According to Business Insider, Tom signed a $28 million deal in 2002 to play with the team for four years, and when it was time to extend his contract in 2005, his three Super Bowl wins resulted in a massive raise.

  • Endorsements

    Forbes has reported Tom is casually the ninth highest-paid athlete in the world, much thanks to his with rolodex of endorsement deals with brands like Aston Martin—for which he was signed to promote a car worth over $200,000—Under Armour, Foot Locker, and Tag Heuer. He’s also on a box of Wheaties, which, who knows what that pays, but overall it’s estimated the footballer has earned something like $52 million in endorsements total, so it must be something nice!

  • Side Business

    In 2020, Tom launched 199 Productions (the name is a nod to his selection number in the 2000 NFL draft), a company developed to help create original documentaries, films, and TV shows. Per Insider, “The company reportedly already has a number of projects in the works, including several that feature Brady on camera, coverings sports, health and wellness, and more.”

  • TB-12

    In 2013, Tom developed his own lifestyle brand TB12, which sells everything from apparel to supplements and even led to a book deal. Tom’s New York Times bestseller has been lauded as his “athlete’s bible” and takes readers through everything from Tom’s training and conditioning to his general wellness system.

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