BOSTON, MA - JANUARY 26: A fan holds a sign referencing "deflate-gate," the under inflation of footballs used by the Patriots during the AFC Championship game, during the New England Patriots Send-Off Rally at City Hall Plaza on January 26, 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Patriots will face the Seattle Seahawks in Superbowl XLIX on Sunday. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

You may not even realize it, but you created Massachusetts TOP 50 Slang Words. You possess a unique trait. We speak like NO one else on earth, if they are not from here.

Some Call It Boston-ese

Our language is so famous, it’s been the inspiration behind countless Saturday Night Live skits. How about those famous Dunkin commercials? Remember Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch? He had to learn all about our wonderful vernacular, and he’s a Yankees fan.

When Do We Lose Our Accent?

That’s a great question. Some always retain a bit of the Boston-ese. If you listen carefully to me on WROR from 2p-7p, you can hear me slip back into my childhood tone, as if I was with Mom at Joardan MAASH at Christmas. Sometimes, I bring a grinda, to work. (In Philly, they call it a hoagie.) Being from WISTA, it took me a few years, to loose the accent. But it comes back around the holidays, CUZ, I’m with my family, and the influence is over-powering.

So, if you suffer from the same dark magic around the holidays, stop, take a sip from the bubla and see why these top 50 slang words make us Massholes. Here are Massachusetts TOP 50 Slang Words!

(from Time Out)

  • Bubbler, a drinking fountain

    It’s really BUB-LA

  • The Cape

    Cape Cod. It’s really DA-Cape

  • Carriage

    a shopping cart that you use at the MAAAAKET

  • Cellar

    The cellah

  • The Charles

    It is really Dirty Water?

  • Clicker

    The remote control…..pronounced click-AH

  • Coogans

    Dollah drafts

  • Comm Ave

    Cawm Ave. If you say Commonwealth Avenue, we know you’re not from here

  • Dollah Drafts

    Coogans, again

  • Dungarees


  • Dunks

    Really? (If I have to explain, meet me on Commonwealth Avenue.)

  • Eastie


  • Frappe

    Milk shake

  • Frickin

    How we say F—- and keep our job

  • The Garden

    GAADEN…..where the CELTS play

  • Hosie

    to call dibs on something

  • The Hub

    Now, it’s our sister station.

  • I could care less

    how we like to say that we couldn’t care less about something

  • In Town

    We refuse to refer to the City of Boston as a city.

  • Jimmies

    Chocolate Sprinkles

  • Kid

    A term of endearment that you use to address your closest friends. A requirement in every Mark Wahlberg movie.

  • Mass-hole

    “A derogatory term for Massachusetts residents that Bay Staters have reappropriated.”

    It’s derogatory?

  • Nor’easter

    A winter storm that we get at least once a year, prompting us all to freak out and ravage the grocery stores for milk, eggs and bread. 

    The name Shelby Scott (R.I.P.) comes to mind.

  • No Suh

    No sir; no way.

  • OFD

    Originally from Dorchester. A requirement in every Mark Wahlberg movie

  • Packie

    First time we used it was at the age of 15. A liquor store; short for “package store.”

  • The Pike

    Short for Massachusetts Turn Pike.

  • Pissa

    Short for “that’s awesome.” Sometimes, used with the pre-fix, ‘wicked’

  • Pockabook

    Your purse

  • The Pru

    The Prudential Tower. The Top of The Pru: Where my voice comes from every day from 2p-7p, into your radio.

  • Regular

    A coffee with cream and “suga..”

    Pronounced REG-U-LAAAH

  • Ripper

    Great party. You called in sick

  • Rotary

    Roundabout, where somehow we never die

  • So don’t I

    me, too. (We like to throw in negatives when they aren’t necessary)


  • Southie

    South Boston

    Historically Irish-American neighborhood, that on St. Patties Day, you become someone else

  • Space-saver

     Any large household object (i.e. a lawn chair, a barrel) used after a winter storm to prevent anyone from taking your painstakingly shoveled, on-street parking spot.

  • Statie

    Our friends, The Massachusetts State Police

  • Sticker

    A state inspection sticker for your car that you must renew on the same month every year, lest you get pulled over by a Statie; pronounced “stick-ah.”

  • Supper

    After lunch, around 8pm, we have “suppah”


  • The T

    The MBTA, our public transit system that’s usually on fire

  • The Train

    Not the T, but it is, kinda, but not.

  • This f----kin guy

    A stranger who’s pissed you off

    Or a friend you never see

  • Tonic


    or Pop

  • Townie

    A city native who’s never left the neighborhood they grew up in, still hanging around in all of the same places with the same people. 

  • Triple decker

     A popular three-floor apartment building, where each unit has a front porch/balcony, so people can sit outside, yell to their neighbors. Pronounced “dekkah”

  • Wicked

    Means “awesome”

    Sometimes followed with “pissa”


  • Yah huh

    I agree

  • Yah no

    I disagree

  • Bang a uey

    Make a U-Turn

  • Grinder

    Sub sandwich, pronounced “GRIND-dah”

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