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Whale lands on a boat in Plymouth.

The video from onboard the boat that had a whale land on it has finally surfaced! According to the fisherman from the boat, they had just stopped for sandwiches when they were surprised by the feeding whale! Here is what he had to say about the encounter:

“While fishing for Striped Bass in Cape Cod Bay (with 100 fisherman on boats) enjoying an awesome time fishing we saw and heard the screams of excitement from boaters nearby seeing a whale or whales surfacing in the area, all where hundreds of yards away from us all morning. After landing the last fish at 9:38 am, our friend suggested we have something to eat and lucky we did. The men fishing from the bow came down and we were just idling along, making sandwiches and it happened. Prior to this, the last whale we saw was over 300 yds away a few minutes earlier. I had a sandwich in my left hand and my iPhone recording (9:53 am) in the other since we knew the whales were around but nobody expected what happened next… We’re all are lucky, very lucky, no injuries, minor damage to the boat and we powered back to the marina on our own. We all felt bad for the whale, wrong place at the wrong time for all of us. We all got bumped around but went on to live another day. Amazing that an animal that large was in such shallow water (30′) so close to shore breech feeding on Menhaden. We never saw it coming, my comment in the video was me referring to a school of Menhaden way out in front of us, not the school trying to hide under our boat.”

WATCH: Whale Lands On Boat In Plymouth!

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