The OTHER Major Television Event Sunday. Don't Forget the Tissues! - LBF

I know everyone is VERY excited/nervous about the BIG GAME on Sunday, but may I remind you of the other IMPORTANT HISTORICAL EVENT ABOUT TO TAKE PLACE. Be there, NBC, after that little football scrimmage. And DO NOT forget to unplug the Crock-Pot! - LBF

This Is Us on Twitter

This is the episode. Tune in Sunday, February 4 after the Super Bowl and set your DVR with extra time so you don't miss a single minute. #ThisIsUs

The episode is SO sad, this happened to Mandy Moore:

Mandy Moore Cried So Much Watching This Is Us Super Bowl Episode That She Needed to Use an Eye Mask After

The This Is Us Super Bowl episode is so sad, Mandy Moore had to use an under-eye to depuff after watching it

The irrational fear of slow cooking continues....

Brad Pettiford on Twitter

OMG look at all these crock-pots for our Super Bowl potluck. Jack Pearson would be rolling over in his grave right now if he saw this (I assume). #ThisIsUs

Buy stock in Kleenex before this weekend:

Courtney on Twitter

Everyone is excitedly getting ready for the #superbowl and I am prepping by buying extra Kleenex for #ThisIsUs. I know it's going to wreck me. #spoonie


Some are giving the Eagles credit for finally making this episode happen:

Ellen Gray on Twitter

Can't believe it took #Eagles making it to #SuperBowl for #ThisIsUs to agree to answer all our questions.


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So many feels:

Alvin Puhawan on Twitter

The #Patriots better win the #SuperBowl only bc they're playing #ThisIsUs right after and they're finally gonna reveal Jack's death! I guess I'll experience every emotion possible that Sunday ????

This guy knows how to create a shopping list for the big game:

Brian Mahoney on Twitter

Eagles fan here: So after #SuperBowl , I'll be crying no matter what, W or L. Especially now that #ThisIsUs will be airing afterward. Tissues on the grocery list now. #Sobbing #PassTheTissues #NFL #NBC

And then there are the people are just a wee bit confident:

Mike OBrien on Twitter

So you are telling me @Eagles fans have to watch them lose and then watch the dad die on @ThisIsUsWriters after??? That sounds like a rough day. #FlyEaglesFly #thisisus #SuperBowl #gopats #eagles #patriots @nbc


Genesis Diaz on Twitter

Not only will I be emotional watching the #Eagles play against the Pats, but @nbc throws out the most saddest EP of #ThisIsUs #FlyEaglesFly