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How RUDE? Bostonians are rude, this we know. I mean, we almost use the title as a badge of honor. Many of us take pride in the fact that we can be rude at times. But when you look nationally, we are certainly up there as far as rude cities. Before we count down the top 10 rudest cities in America, let’s take a look at what makes a city and its people rude.

The survey that released this data and its findings is Survey Monkey. According to their site, “the two polls for this survey had a total of 2,092 respondents with a margin of error of 2%: 1,075 respondents were collected 10/25/19 – 10/26/19, and 1,017 respondents were collected 11/22/19 – 11/23/19.” And what constitutes a rude person? How about anyone not friendly? Maybe people who swear at you or people who don’t let you merge in traffic. Or how about people with road roage. All of these things occur on a daily basis here in Boston so it’s no surprise that we are considered some of the rudest people nationwide. However, when you look at other studies about rudest cities in the WORLD, Bostonians didn’t make the top 30 which seems like a shock.

So what happened here was, Americans who responded to this survey were asked to name the top 5 rudest cities from a list of the 50 largest metro areas in the country. Cities that placed outside of the top 10 include: Birmingham, Alabama, Atlanta, Georgia, Las Vegas, Nevada, Dallas, Texas and Miami, Florida. They placed 11-15 respectively. So let’s take a look at which cities are the top 10 rudest in the country.

  • #10 San Francisco, CA

    9.8% of respondents thought San Francisco had the rudest people. A good chunk of those rude people include cyclists. According to witnesses and respondents, cyclists will curse at pedestrians like it’s no one’s business.

  • #9 Philadelphia, PA

    Us Bostonians would agree with this. Those Eagles fans are just plain rude.  9.9% of respondents thought Philadelphia had the rudest people. And yes, Eagles fans are citied in the survey. 

  • #8 Baltimore, Maryland

     11.2% of respondents thought Baltimore had the rudest people. The study cites one man who was trying to prank people by roasting them on camera. He would eventually get arrested for it. 

  • #7 Buffalo, New York

     11.3% of respondents thought Buffalo had the rudest people. I mean, it is a part of New York. Have you ever seen those Bills fans? 

    2 Cities in New York Have Been Ranked as the Rudest Cities in America | Joe Mertens | NewsBreak Original

    Disclaimer:The following information is updated for 2023. It is for educational purposes. In the beautiful state of New York, two cities have been ranked as some of the rudest cities in America.

  • #6 Detroit, Michigan

    11.6% of respondents thought Detroit had the rudest people. A specific incident was cited by a woman who worked at a local McDonald’s who was tasered by a customer who said her order was taking too long. 

  • #5 Boston, Massachusetts

    14.9% of respondents thought Boston had the rudest people. Personally, I believe this is a tad low for us. We should definitely be in the top 3. We cut lines, get massive road rage and are very proud of our sports teams to the point where we will get belligerent. 

  • #4 Chicago, Illinois

     18.6% of respondents thought Chicago had the rudest people. Even Chicago’s hometown newspaper says their city has been rude for decades. 

  • #3 Washington, D.C.

    18.9% of respondents thought Washington had the rudest people. A lot of this has to do with the political climate with the survey saying some political outbursts can take place on the floor of congress. 

  • #2 Los Angeles, California

     19.7% of respondents thought Los Angeles had the rudest people. How can this be? One respondent said “We can’t even keep crossing guards at our school anymore. They quit because parents are so rude and yell at them every day.”

  • #1 New York, New York

    WOW look at the percentage!  34.3% of respondents thought New York had the rudest people. At least this is something we can all agree upon. Even back in the 1700s, the perception of New Yorkers was just plain rude. According to President John Adams, “I have not seen one real gentleman, one well-bred man, since I came to town. At their entertainments there is no conversation that is agreeable; there is no modesty, no attention to one another.”

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