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Feeling lucky? Are you a gambler? Maybe you want to take a ride to your local casino. Here in Massachusetts there are a few like Encore Boston Harbor, Plainridge Park and MGM Springfield where you can press your luck. But maybe you don’t want to take a ride several miles to win some money. The key to winning some serious cash is right down the street at your local convenience store.

Scratch tickets are all the rage here in Massachusetts. Back in 2020, we spent the most money out of any state in the country on lottery tickets. The average lottery player in Massachusetts spent about $1000 annually on tickets. That’s about $300 more than any state. What if you knew going into that store which lottery ticket was going to win? That may take the fun out of gambling but you’d be more apt to buy said ticket correct? Well that answer is right at the click of a button. The Massachusetts state lottery has a website where they literally put the odds of winning on each ticket. Knowing this information should make you better informed before buying your next ticket. That is, if you want to win.

They also have a section that tells you which tickets have their top prizes already claimed. So that means, it also tells you which prizes are still available. This should make your next scratch ticket purchase that much easier. So not only have we helped you out in finding which scratch tickets have the best odds of winning but we’re also helping you by letting you know which ones have the biggest amount of prizes still available. Choose wisely!

Oh and as always, we’ll never ask you for a cut WHEN you win (LOL). May the odds forever be in your favor! Good luck.

  • Billion Dollar Extravaganza - two $25 million prizes remain

    With this ticket, it’s a $50 ticket and the top prize is $25,000,000 ($1.25M/YR/20YRS). There are 3 of them. Only one has been claimed so two remain. GOOD LUCK!

  • 300X - 3 $15,000,000 prizes, 3 remain

    For this ticket, ALL 3 OF THE GRAND PRIZES STILL REMAIN! The top prize is $15 million or ($750K/YR/20YRS).  It’s a $30 ticket. 

  • Millions - 3 $15 million prizes, 1 remains

    This is a $30 ticket that the top prize is $15 million. There are 3 top prizes. 2 have been claimed and 1 remains. Watch as Sweepstakes Mom on Youtube scratches and wins on Millions.

  • $15 Million Money Maker - 2 $15 Million prizes remain

    So with this ticket, 2 of the 3 top prizes remain. It’s a $15 million top prize and the ticket is $30. Get this…there is also 4 $1 million prizes left too!

  • $10,000,000 Cash Blast ALL top prizes remain

    With this ticket ALL of the top prizes still remain. $20 ticket and the top prize is $10 million. There are THREE of them. Go get ’em!

    Best Overall Odds to Win ANY Scratch Off Prize | Lotto Edge

    Which scratch off has the Best Odds? We rank games by the BEST Overall Odds to Win Any Prize | Filter games by State & ticket price | Only from Lotto Edge

  • $10,000,000 Premier Cash ALL THREE top prizes remain

    Another ticket to buy because ALL of the top prizes remain. It’s a $20 ticket and the top prize is $10,000,000. All three of the top prizes remain.


  • $10,000,000 Lucky Bucks ALL TOP PRIZES REMAIN

    Another instance of all of the top prizes remain. It’s a $20 ticket. Three top prizes of $10 million. NONE have been claimed!

  • $10,000,000 Cash King - One Top Prize remains

    This is a $20 ticket. Only ONE top prize remains but it’s a $10 million prize so it’s still worth a shot. Give it a try!

  • $5,000,000 100X Cashword - ALL top prizes remain

    Okay so there are 2 $5 million prizes and both remain. This is a $20 ticket. Another good one to try soon. Good luck!

  • 777 - ALL top prizes remain

    Top prize in this one is $4 million. ALL of the top prizes remain. There are four of them. Still a decent shot at $4 million.

  • $4,000,000 Bonus Loot ALL top prizes remain

    So there are 3 $4,000,000 prizes with this ticket. ALL of them remain. This ticket is a $10 ticket. Another good one to take a chance on.

  • 100X Cash - 2 top prizes remain

    Only one prize has been claimed. Two of them remain. Top prize is $4 million and the cost of the ticket is $10.


  • $4,000,000 Diamonds - 2 top prizes remain

    There were four top prizes of $4 million. Two have been claimed, so two remain. This is a $10 ticket so not bad. Go grab one!

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