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Clever or Crude? Super Dark Disney Costume Idea Goes Viral This Halloween

Dead Disney Parents Costume Idea Takes The Internet This Halloween Clever or Crude? You decide! A group of friends decided to pay homage to dead Disney parents for Halloween this year and it's creating quite a buzz, but not of the Lightyear kind. Dead Disney Parents Costume Idea: Taking Back the Trauma You know the CLASSIC Disney move. You're all set to watch a cheerful, colorful Disney animated movie with your popcorn in hand, and then, BAM! The parents are gone. Remember Simba from "The Lion King"? His dad, Mufasa, was king of the jungle, a loving father, and just an all-around cool dude. But guess what? He met an untimely end, courtesy of a stampede. Yes, a stampede. Orchestrated by his brother, Simba's uncle. Talk about GENERATIONAL TRAUMA. Or how about Cinderella? Her mom? Dead. Her dad? Poof, he's gone too. Leaving her with an evil stepmother, because, you know, Disney believes in the whole "misery loves company" thing. And don't even get me started on Bambi's mom. Bambi, the innocent fawn, lost his mom to a hunter's bullet. I mean, seriously, who thought that was a good idea? Disney turned it into a life lesson, but all I got was a 2000 therapy sessions. Why Disney, why? Well, it's an easy plot device. No parents means no restrictions, and the young characters can go on wild adventures. It's also an emotional hook, making the audience connect with the character's struggle. But let's be real, this trend can be downright DISTURBING for kids. Imagine little Timmy, bawling his eyes out because Nemo's mom was a tasty snack for a barracuda, or when the intro of "Up" showed the heartbreaking love story of Ellie and Carl. It's like Disney is trying to teach kids that life is an emotional rollercoaster from day one. We know this already, Disney. We KNOW. Disney's obsession with axing parents may seem like a never-ending tragedy. But this group of Halloween trickster have decided to take dead Disney parents into their own hands and celebrate!  

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