Sudbury Halloween Decoration Called "Too Real"! What Do You Think? - Hank

Halloween is a fun time filled with kids trick-or-treating, people of all ages dressing up and decorating their homes and yards. Parties, candy, pumpkins and lots of fun. The macabre nature of halloween is usually done in a way that is usually cartoonish and fun. BUT, in Sudbury, one family has a life-like mannequin hanging from a noose in their front yard and the neighbors and town's people aren't too happy. They thing it is too realistic looking. What do you think?

Mannequin Mayhem: Halloween Dummy Too 'Real' Say Some Residents

SUDBURY, MA-A Halloween decoration on a Sudbury front lawn is causing a ghastly battle in town. Once the decoration, which is a "body" hanging lifelessly from a noose, was displayed, a word war heated up on the popular Facebook community page for Sudbury residents called One Sudbury.

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