I don’t know where you grew up, but I sometimes feel slightly melancholic when I revisit places I’ve lived when I was a kid.

What that says about my childhood, I’m not sure. Maybe it’s not so much about my childhood as it is about how much time has gone by and that most of the homes, stores and streets are still there and I’m not.

Bruce touches on that when he talks about his hometown, Freehold, NJ, which will host the new Bruce Springsteen Center. Like many small towns, Freehold seems to have a very Andy of Mayberry feel and Bruce confesses to turning up there frequently for a quick drive through or a real visit.

Bruce Springsteen is now part of Freehold’s town history. I wonder what that feels like for him.



'I always come back': Bruce Springsteen celebrated in Freehold hometown with new center

Greetings from My Hometown: The Bruce Springsteen Story Center in Freehold. Springsteen himself made it official at a ceremony on Tuesday, March 8. The firehouse on Main Street in Freehold, which is no longer "adequate for the borough's fire safety needs," will be renovated to present the Springsteen story and serve as a community hub.